Do you need a windscreen replacement or repair? 

While some windscreen chips can get away with a simple repair, others will need a replacement to keep you safe on the road. Your chip size, location and windscreen history all determine the best fix. A windscreen repair is a great option if the chip is clear from the critical vision area and smaller than an Australian $2 coin. If your chip or crack doesn't qualify for a repair, an auto glass technician can complete a straightforward windscreen replacement. 

Why replace a windscreen? 

When there's any concerns on the safety of your windscreen an auto glass technician should always recommend a windscreen replacement. If you've got a crack big enough to need a replacement, it's best to get it fixed as soon as possible. Large windscreen cracks weaken your windscreen and any small bump can cause a lot of damage. Windscreen cracks and chips impact your safety so best to get it fixed just in case you glass shatters. 

Windscreen replacement process 

An auto glass technician can replace your damaged windscreen easily. The process can take anywhere from an hour up to a day, depending on the bonding materials used. Contact the repairer and get a quote based on your car make and model. 

The technician will cut the bonding material or remove the rubber seal, take out the cracked windscreen, clean the frame, remove any rust, fit the new windscreen and re-bond the sealant. Your car may need to stand for a few hours to let the bond set, but after this it'll be good to go. 

How much does it cost to replace a windscreen? 

The cost to replace a windscreen varies depending on the make and model of your car. Have a chat to your auto glass technician and they'll provide you a quote. If you're an RACQ member you can save 20% on the cost of your replacement with RACQ Auto Glass. Remember, if you've got a crack big enough to need a replacement, try to fix it asap and keep safe on Queensland's roads. 

Windscreen insurance 

Most car insurance providers offer cover for windscreen replacements. If you'd like to claim insurance on your windscreen, contact your insurance provider. They may be able to find the best repairer and could even offer a lifetime warranty on their work.