RACQ invests significant resources each year in lobbying on behalf of Queensland motorists on Transport related issues. 

By gathering data, performing surveys and supplying submissions to government, RACQ can assist in shaping the transport strategies that impact motorists on a daily basis. 

This can lead to better transport funding and improved motoring conditions for Queensland.

Queensland Matters...to all of us

Queensland Matters (PDF 5.6 MB) outlines RACQ’s transport funding and project priorities for the 2019 Federal election.

RACQ’s transport funding priorities

RACQ’s top ten transport funding priorities as outlined in RACQ’s 2017-2021 Mobility Matters to every Queenslander document. Updated 12/02/2018 (PDF,10MB)

  • Upgrade AusRAP star rating of the network
  • Increase on-road police presence
  • Support car safety rating programs
  • Reinstate funding for motor vehicle theft reduction council
  • Mandatory fuel price reporting
  • Freeze vehicle registration charges
  • Increase transport capital expenditure
  • Eliminate stamp duty
  • Integrate public transport services
  • Segregate cycle infrastructure

RACQ response to Building Queensland Policy

RACQ supports transparent project selection, cost-benefit analysis and public consultation on major transport infrastructure projects. The RACQ is pleased that the Queensland Government has established Building Queensland and this paper discusses the objectives of Building Queensland and explains why local governments throughout Queensland should adopt a similar framework.

Updated 24/112017 Download (PDF 552 KB)

RACQ Submission to Queensland Government Moving Freight Strategy August 2013 Our submission emphasises that increased funding for road and rail infrastructure, and a greater commitment to safety, is vital to improving the efficiency of freight transport and reducing heavy vehicle crashes 

Updated 16/08/2013 Download (PDF 291.6 KB)

RACQ Priorities for Local Government policy document

RACQ wants local governments to commit to better, safer roads; and improved parking, public transport, pedestrian and cycling facilities. We therefore ask councils to support the transport policies and road priorities outlined in this document. 

Updated 04/10/2012 Download (PDF 119.4 KB)

RACQ Motoring Matters for every Queenslander

The Motoring Matters document outlines key issues for Queensland motorists and RACQ’s project priorities for any sitting or potential government. It focuses on realistic, achievable policies for safe, affordable and sustainable mobility. 

Updated 04/10/2012 Download (PDF 1.1 MB)

RACQ Submission - National Land Freight Strategy 2011

The RACQ Submission to the National Land Freight Strategy 2011 provides comments on practical and policy issues associated with the road freight transport network. It focuses on Queensland, where a major freight productivity issue is keeping roads and rail above water. 

Updated 02/05/2011 Download (PDF 260.2 KB)

RACQ Cross River Rail Terms of Reference submission May 2010

The RACQ supports the need for the Cross River Rail project to expand rail capacity through inner Brisbane and provide more people with the opportunity to reduce congestion by using public transport. This project should be designed so that the line can continue north under Kelvin Grove to link with a combined road and rail line in the preserved transport corridor along Trouts Rd from Stafford Rd to Bald Hills. 

Updated 04/10/2012 Download (PDF 613.9 KB)

RACQ Transport Costs Survey 2009

The aim of the Transport Costs Survey was to explore member attitudes on a range of motoring cost and infrastructure funding issues. The member responses inform RACQ's position on road pricing and provide direction for policy research. 

Updated 30/11/2009 Download (PDF 535.6 KB)

RACQ Submission on the Western Brisbane Transport Network Investigation (WBTNI)

This submission to the Western Brisbane Transport Network Investigation (WBTNI) details the RACQ’s preferred strategic solution (WBTNI Options 3, 6 and 15 – the North West Motorway). The RACQ believes the combination of these options offers a major strategic solution that establishes a well-functioning road hierarchy for the Brisbane region. The submission also provides brief comments on each of the WBTNI transport network improvement options, including how they are impacted by progression of the North West Motorway. 

Updated 04/10/2012 Download (PDF 117.5 KB)

RACQ Submission on Draft Brisbane City Council Transport Plan for Brisbane 06-26

This submission supports many elements of the draft Brisbane City Council Transport Plan for Brisbane 2006 – 2026 and adds value where points of disagreement arise or further detail is required. 

Updated 18/04/2008 Download (PDF 56.0 KB)

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