As a Queensland licence holder and driver, you already know that it’s illegal to drive over the speed limit, and you know to stop at an intersection when the traffic lights are red. But here’s a little more information around speed and red light enforcement. 

Speed and red light cameras

Mobile speed cameras

Mobile speed cameras are set up and operated by a police officer from a vehicle (usually a van or 4-wheel-drive) parked on the side of the road. 

Fixed speed cameras

Fixed speed cameras are located in a permanent position, usually attached to a pole alongside a section of road, or a bridge. 

Red light cameras

Red light cameras are located at signalised intersections. They automatically take photographs of the rear of vehicles that fail to stop behind the white stop line when faced with a red traffic light. 

Mobile radars

Mobile RADAR devices also use Radio Detection and Ranging technology, but they’re a bit different to RADAR devices. Mobile radars directly target vehicles, with RADAR devices operate on a slant across the road like a speed camera device. 

LIDAR devices

The Queensland Police Service use LIDAR devices for speed detection on a regular ‘anywhere, anytime’ basis. The devices are usually hand held and are commonly referred to as ‘speed guns’, but they can also be mounted on tripods as well. 

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