Australian child restraint safety standards

All child restraints sold and used in Australia must comply with Australian/New Zealand Standard 1754 and will be marked accordingly. Restraints that do not carry this mark cannot be used.

Australian Standard

ISOFIX Restraints

Since June 2013 certain Australian compliant devices may also be branded ISOFIX, in addition to the Australian/New Zealand Standards mark. ISOFIX is a particular form of restraint that has fittings to secure it to the vehicle's in-built mounting hardware.

Many later vehicles have ISOFIX fixings as standard equipment. These fittings cannot be installed after the vehicle is built.

In general terms, an ISOFIX restraint is no safer than a properly fitted conventional restraint. The ISOFIX system merely makes it much harder to incorrectly install the restraint. 
Australian compliant ISOFIX restraints can be used in both ISOFIX or non-ISOFIX vehicles.


The Australian ISOFIX standard requires additional safety features not called for by the ISOFIX standards of other countries. Therefore, ISOFIX seats intended for other countries are not accepted for use in Australia. Australian compliant ISOFIX seats will carry the Australian/New Zealand Standard 1754 compliance marking.                          

Restraint age
All restraints sold for use in Australia will carry a date mark.  We strongly recommend against the use of a restraint that is more than 10 years old. 

If in doubt about where to find the date mark or how to interpret it, contact the restraint manufacturer.

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