When children are permitted to ride in the front seat

Age  Notes 
0 – 4 years  Queensland law requires that children be seated in a rear seat unless the vehicle has only one row of seats (such as a single cab utility).
4 – 7 years  Children may be seated in the front if the vehicle has only one row of seats, or if all the seating positions behind are occupied by children under 7.
7 – 16 years  Children may ride in the front seat.

See our Child Restraint selection guide for information about appropriate restraints.

Children in a front seat fitted with Air Bags

  • While it is legal, within the requirements outlined above, to place a child in the front seat of a vehicle fitted with a passenger side air bag, RACQ strongly recommends against it. 
  • Front seat airbags offer adults a greater level of protection in a crash, however they may present an increased risk of injury to children as the child’s often shorter stature means that they are not held in the optimum position in relation to the deploying airbag. 
  • In all cases the vehicle and restraint manufacturer’s recommendations must be considered when determining if a particular application or situation is appropriate.

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