How to use voice commands to access RACQ on your device
In order to be available and accessible to all Queenslanders in any situation, RACQ has partnered with Queensland voice technology pioneers Alkira Software.

Need some info to get where you're going on the run or in a hurry?

Using only your voice and the power of Alexa and Google Assistant you can now:

  • Check fuel prices
  • Find out about current road conditions
  • Ask questions about RACQ products and services


VoigleTM Voice gives members easy, voice-controlled access to RACQ online services and information. Members can talk with RACQ from a variety of devices, including smart speakers (e.g. Google HomeTM and Amazon AlexaTM),* mobile phones and in car applications.

By utilising this tool RACQ members will be able to ask GoogleTM and/or AlexaTM where the best fuel price may be in a particular suburb or area; or what the road conditions on travel routes to assist with travel planning.

To install: The Google AssistantTM can be downloaded for use on iOS mobile devices from the iOS app store. The Google Assistant will provide the same experience on a mobile device as the google speaker will for users. Alexa will require a specific skill set enablement process – a full set of instructions, along with explicit invocation phrases are included below for ease of access.

VoigleTM Voice is free for members to easily engage with RACQ for key RACQ services.

*Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Google, Google Home and Google Assistant are trademarks of Google LLC or its affiliates.

Using Alkira

Opening the application on a smart speaker can be performed using the explicit invocation which will launch the RACQ Voice Application. Cooper will respond and introduce himself.

This means members can now use smart assistants across many devices including mobile, smart speakers or in the car to find out the best fuel prices near them, any current hold ups on their daily commute or to ask a quick question about their RACQ needs.

To access this fantastic tool members simply need to say:

Google assistant

  • “Ok Google, open RACQ” or “Ok Google, talk to RACQ”
  • “Ok Google, talk to RACQ and tell me what the cheapest fuel in [suburb] is?
  • “Ok Google, open RACQ and tell me where can I get cheap unleaded fuel?”
  • “OK Google, talk to RACQ and tell me where can I get cheap e10 petrol near me?”.
  • “OK Google, ask RACQ what is their phone number?”.
  • “OK Google, ask RACQ what the road conditions in [suburb] are like?
  • “OK Google, ask RACQ about the local road conditions?”

Integrate RACQ in the Google Assistant here.

Don't have Google Assistant?

Apple App store  Google play store

Amazon alexa
  • “Alexa, open RACQ” or “Alexa, talk to RACQ”
  • “Alexa, talk to RACQ and tell me what the cheapest fuel in [suburb] is?
  • “Alexa, open RACQ and tell me where I can get cheap unleaded fuel?”.
  • “Alexa, open RACQ and tell me where can I get cheap e10 Unleaded petrol near me?”.
  • “Alexa, load RACQ and tell me what their phone number is?”.
  • “Alexa, ask RACQ what are the road conditions in [suburb] are like?
  • “Alexa, ask RACQ about the local road conditions?”.

To use with Amazon Alexa enable the RACQ voice skill on your Alexa app and use it anytime by saying "Alexa, open RACQ".

Find RACQ in the Amazon Alexa Skills Store here.

Don't have Alexa?

Apple App store  Google play store

Configuring Alexa smart speakers.

Before you can use the Application “RACQ” on an Alexa powered speaker you will need to activate / enable the RACQ “skill” in the Alexa app, alternatively you can say, "Enable (skill name)”. This is only available in the Amazon Australia store.

Step 1. Open the “Amazon Alexa” app on your mobile device.

Step 2. Press the “Stacks” icon in the top left corner to open the application menu.

Step 3. Select “Skills & Games” from the menu.

Step 4. Search for RACQ (the search option is available by pressing the magnifying glass in the top right corner).

Step 5. Once the RACQ “Skill” has been found, open and press the “ENABLE TO USE”