Know what you will be paying upfront

RACQ Home Rescue customers receive up to 4 callouts per year. Each callout is relative to the incident that the callout was dispatched for. If the number of callouts or the 1 hour limit is exceeded the following fees may apply.

Type of incident Business hours After hours & public holidays
Damaged roof, gutter or downpipe causing a leak $170.50 $225.50
Blocked toilet, pipe or drain $170.50 $225.50
Broken heating or cooling system
- Gas heating unit not working
- Broken cooling system or electric heating system


Power failure (excludes blackouts) $200.20 $236.50
Broken external door or window
- Broken glass in door or window
- A damaged door or window


Being locked out of the house $195.80 $265.10
Burst pipe $170.50 $225.50
Broken or burst hot water system $170.50 $225.50
Burst tap or showerhead $170.50 $225.50
Gas leak $170.50 $225.50

These fees include basic materials only and are current as at 1 September 2015. Fees may vary without notice. Exclusions and limitations apply. *Conditions, limitations and exclusions apply.