Using our Home Rescue service is easy. When a common household breakdown happens, you are just a phone call away from a qualified electrician, plumber or lock smith arriving at your home within 2 hours.

These fees include basic materials only and are current as at 1 September 2015. Fees may vary without notice. *Conditions, limitations and exclusions apply. While not guaranteed, RACQ endeavours for a licensed tradesperson to arrive within 2 hours. Service provided by Club Home Response Pty Ltd, QBCC licence 1315280. Available in selected areas.

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What is covered with Home Rescue

We cover the top 10 most common breakdowns around the home. But we also give you competitive rates on anything else you may need doing. RACQ will dispatch a tradesperson to repair or make your home safe (where possible) for the requested callout within the hour as further described in the terms and conditions.

Type of Home Incident Definition
A damaged roof, gutter or downpipe causing a leak
Damage to the roof, gutter or downpipe causes water to leak internally through the ceiling or walls.
A blocked toilet, pipe or drain A blocked toilet, pipe or drain prevents smooth water flow, causing overflow or backup into the nearest outlet.
A broken heating or cooling system Broken or damaged system as the result of gas or electrical problems, faulty components, or inability to reignite pilot light. Specialist referral may be required.
A blackout or power failure in the house Supply of power to all or part of the house has been disrupted (excludes area-wide blackouts).
Broken door or window Where home safety or security is threatened as the result of damaged lock, jammed external door or window. Excludes glass replacement.
Being locked out of the house Unable to gain access to the home.
A burst pipe Burst pipe or joint, resulting in significant water loss, home or property damage.
A broken or damaged hot water system Burst hot water tank causing water leakage and resulting in water wastage or home or property damage. Broken or damaged system as the result of gas or electrical problems, faulty components, or inability to reignite the pilot light.
A broken tap Inability to control water flow as the result of a broken tap; causing significant water loss, home or property damage. Excludes dripping taps.
A gas leak Internal or external gas leaks as the result of damaged gas appliances or leaking gas pipelines.

Using our Home Rescue services is easy.

Call 1800 466 334 for assistance

If you have RACQ Home Rescue, you can call us any time of day or night and the home assistance service team will assess the right qualified tradesperson for your job.

2 hour response time*

The RACQ approved tradie will arrive within 2 hours of your call. You’ll receive a call or SMS notification about their arrival time. *Conditions, limitations and exclusions apply.

Make safe or attempt repairs

Our approved tradies will do their best to fix the issue on the spot within 1 hour of service. If they can’t, they’ll do temporary repairs to assist in making home safe (where possible). Some exclusions and limitations apply.

Optional quote for extra repairs

If the qualified tradesperson can’t fix the issue, they will offer a quote for a permanent repair. Where possible they’ll also provide helpful advice to prevent further damage to your home. Any further repairs will be arranged between you and Club Home Response Pty Ltd, our service provider. RACQ accepts no responsibility for this further work.

Included materials

Our tradespeople carry commonly used tools, equipment, parts and materials to help them repair or make your home safe (where possible) within an hour of arriving. Below is list of parts and materials that may be used during the service callout (at the discretion of the tradesperson) . For items not included, our tradespeople can give you a no-obligation quote.

Part Type Home Rescue
Single/Double GPO
Single Light Switch including Wall Plate
Downlight Globe/Transformer/Lead
Single Phase 40A RCD
Single Phase 10-20A RCD/MCBO
Three phase 10-20A Circuit Breaker
Single phase 63A Main Switch/CB
Weatherproof double GPO
Electrical Certificate ✓ (if required)

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