RACQ Trade Assist

These terms and conditions are designed to help you make the most of the RACQ Trade Assist service by providing you with everything applicable to RACQ Trade Assist. Whenever you need to use our services, these terms and conditions will provide the necessary information on how we can assist you. If you’re not sure of some of the terms used, you can find them in Section 8.

From time to time, RACQ may require changes to be made to these terms and conditions. Any such changes will be made in accordance with Section 4 of this document.

These terms and conditions are valid as at the time of booking and for the entirety of the service being provided. Consequent uses of RACQ Trade Assist may be bound by changed Terms and Conditions. Any changes to terms and conditions will be published on the RACQ website and should be referred to at time of booking.

Terms and conditions

Section 1 – What is RACQ Trade Assist?

RACQ Trade Assist is an ‘on demand’ service for electrical or plumbing works, providing access to vetted Tradespersons. RACQ Members and Non-Members (Customers) can access this service by calling to book an RACQ approved electrician or plumber for the approved list of services. The attending Service Provider* will provide the services required at a fixed rate for the first hour, and a fixed rate for every fifteen minutes after the initial hour.

RACQ Trade Assist is not:

  1. a home insurance product or replacement for insurance; or
  2. an emergency rescue or disaster response service.

RACQ does not carry out any work directly.  All contracts for works are entered into directly between Customers and RACQ’s Service Provider.   RACQ does not hold a QBCC licence and acts solely as a referrer.  Fees for Customers to access Trade Assist are payable directly to the Service Provider and not to RACQ.  RACQ Operations Pty Ltd receives a commission for Customers who pay fees to the Service Provider. 

Section 2 – Who can use the RACQ Trade Assist service?

RACQ Trade Assist is available to all Queensland residents who are 18 years of age or over and own an Eligible Property in selected areas of Queensland, Australia, as determined by RACQ from time to time.

You will not be eligible for membership of the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland Limited by virtue of purchasing RACQ Trade Assist, unless you purchase another membership eligible RACQ product.

The service is provided to RACQ Members at a reduced rate for the first hour and to Non-Members. To take up this Member pricing, you need be an RACQ Member.  If you are not an RACQ Member, you can access membership by purchasing an eligible RACQ product which grants you RACQ membership. If you need to speak to someone about your RACQ membership, call 13 1905. Membership information is also provided on our website: racq.com.

Section 3 - What is included?

RACQ Trade Assist provides you with access to electrical OR plumbing services provided by our Service Provider or its sub-contractors for an Eligible Property. The table below outlines the services that may be available:



Install a Smoke Alarm^

Install a replacement Dishwasher*

Replace an Existing Exhaust Fan*

Replace new taps and spouts*

Install a new power point (internal)^

Service a tap^

Replace a power point (internal)^

Replace an external tap*^

Install a new light switch^

Replace basin taps – bathroom/laundry*

Replace a light switch^

Install a sink kitchen mixer*^

Install a new down light*

Replace a washer in a dripping tap*^

Replace an existing down light*

Service of hot water System^

Install a light fitting*

Replace an existing hot water system with a new hot water system*^

Install a ceiling fan*

Unblock toilet/drain

Electrical and fuse replacement^

Install a new toilet system*^

Install a new safety switch^

Investigate and repair an External water leak^*

Install a new power point (external)^

Install Gas appliances *^

Replace a power point (external)^

Clean gutters (single storey)

Install an electrical appliance *

Replace a downpipe^

*Appliances, fixtures, fittings and parts can be provided by the Customer at their own cost. Note: Materials supplied by the customer must meet Australian Standards

^ Fittings and parts to be provided by Service Provider at additional cost to Customer.

Services can only be selected from either the Electrician or the Plumbing list. If an electrician and a plumber are required, these will be multiple callouts and will be charged individually.

Multiple services within the list above may be completed by the attending Tradesperson, as well as more than one of the same service as required.

You will be asked at time of booking to provide details of the services you require before your booking is confirmed. When the Tradesperson arrives at the property, if you have further works you would like done, the Tradesperson may be able to complete additional works if their schedule allows.  However, if the job is bigger than they have time to complete at that scheduled visit, the Tradesperson may provide a quote for further works.

Method of Service Delivery

The method of delivery of RACQ Trade Assist, including the choice of approved Tradesperson, is at the sole discretion RACQ’s Service Provider, in accordance with certain obligations to ensure minimum service standards are extended to Customers. RACQ is committed to ensuring appropriately qualified and licensed tradespeople or service providers carry out RACQ Trade Assist.  RACQ will not itself carry out that work, so any reference in these Terms and Conditions to the effect of a promise to carry out work, and in particular to carry out any ‘building work’ as defined in the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991 (Qld) means that the Service Provider will ensure appropriately qualified and licensed tradespeople are available to carry out the work.

The Service Provider will provide you with a scope of works and obtain a signed acceptance of quotation form before works are commenced.

Service Limitations

You, or your nominated representative aged over 18 years of age, must be present at the Nominated Property at all times specified by RACQ’s Service Provider.  If the Nominated Property is not attended when the Tradesperson arrives, the works cannot be conducted, and the fees will not be refunded.

Where the Service Provider reasonably determines that:

  1. the situation presents occupational health and safety risks to the Service Provider;
  2. there is a real risk or danger to the life, health, safety or property of any person present at the time of the inspection;
  3. due to circumstances beyond reasonable control, including Major Disasters and adverse weather conditions;
  4. there is real risk of causing considerable damage to the environment or the Nominated Property;
  5. a product warranty is supplied by the manufacturer of the Good (Manufacturer’s Warranty) which requires an authorised service agent as determined by the manufacturer to complete warranty repairs (Authorised Service Agent);

the Service Provider may only be able to provide limited assistance or may be unable to provide the RACQ Trade Assist service at all.

The decision as to whether Trade Assist services can be provided at any Nominated Property will be at the Service Provider’s discretion. This may not be determined until the time of providing the service. If some services of RACQ Trade Assist are not available due to service limitations, you will not be eligible for a refund.

Service Exclusions

The RACQ Trade Assist service is not available for:

  1. non-residential properties, such as properties used for commercial, retail, office, industrial or professional purposes;
  2. portable, temporary or non-fixed dwellings;
  3. properties used for commercial farming or agricultural purposes;
  4. Vehicles or trailers with accommodation such as caravans, trailers, campervans, recreational or other vehicles;
  5. portable appliances, saniflow toilets and other mechanical equipment;
  6. alarms, home security systems and CCTV;
  7. swimming pools including parts, components, pumps, motors and plumbing or filtration systems;
  8. solar power systems or components; or
  9. garden appliances, sprinkler or watering systems.

Exclusion of replacement parts or materials

RACQ Trade Assist does not include the provision of any parts or materials that are not Included Materials (See Section 8 – Definitions below), including but not limited to the following:

  1. windows, doors, glass, tiles, carpets, fly screens and any other fittings, fixtures or ornamentation;
  2. fixed plumbing apparatus such as baths, sinks, taps or cisterns;
  3. roofing materials, roof gutters, curbing or drainpipes;
  4. galvanised pipes;
  5. gas cylinders or water tanks;
  6. power generators or motorised units;
  7. light fittings, switch boards or circuit breakers; or
  8. door or window locks, handles, winders, remote controls, keys or key barrels.

If extra work is requested or required outside of the initial scope of works, or the Tradesperson encounters unforeseen circumstances, the Tradesperson may not have all Included Materials on hand.

Section 4 – Book a RACQ Trade Assist

Contact the RACQ Trade Assist team on 1800 622 956 during business hours 8:30am – 5pm AEST Monday-Friday. The team will obtain your details and job requirements before sending an allocation to our Service Provider.

Bookings are available to be scheduled during business hours Monday – Friday and will depend on trade availability.

Following the initial call, the Service Provider will contact you to confirm a booking time. At the time of booking you will be asked for a few preferred time windows for the service. Whilst the Service Provider will endeavour to provide the service at the time that best suits you, it may only be able to provide the service at a particular time due to availability.  When your booking is confirmed, a 2-hour window of time will be provided for the Tradesperson to arrive.  The Tradesperson will endeavour to arrive within this window, however they may be outside of this window due to availability or unforeseen circumstances.

Your booking is made directly with the Service Provider and any contract for the provision of the Trade Assist Services is made directly between you and the Service Provider.


The price payable to the Service Provider for the delivery of the RACQ Trade Assist is charged at a flat rate for the first hour, and a flat fee per quarter hour after this. You will be charged by the Service Provider from the time the Tradesperson arrives at the Nominated Property to the time they complete the works.  Fees are payable directly to the Service Provider and not to RACQ.  RACQ Operations Pty Ltd receives a commission for Customers who pay fees.  The following prices apply for Members and Non-Members.

Please note that to receive member pricing your RACQ Card Number must be provided at the time of booking confirmation, otherwise Non-Member prices will apply.


RACQ Member price (inc. GST)

Non-Member price (inc. GST)

First hour (attendance + 1 hr on site, not including materials)



Per fifteen minutes post first hour (every ¼ hour thereafter, not including materials)




Before the Tradesperson commences work, they will provide a quote based on their inspection of the works required and you will be required to sign a scope of works for work to commence.

Once work is completed you will be asked to provide payment to the Tradesperson. The following payment methods are accepted:

  1. Credit Card; or
  2. EFT.

Within 1 business day you will receive your receipt via email, along with a copy of the completion of works and signed scope of works.  A hard copy may also be provided at time of service in some instances. 

Service Cancellation

You may cancel a booking for an RACQ Trade Assist, however if you cancel on the day of your booking, you may be charged a cancellation fee equal to the first hour of service.

Changes to bookings

To make changes to your booking, contact the RACQ Trade Assist team on 1800 622 956 up until 24 hours prior to the scheduled service of RACQ Trade Assist. The RACQ Trade Assist team will notify the Service Provider, who will then contact you to reschedule your booking. Changes made within 24 hours may not be able to be accommodated.

Service Interruptions

The Tradesperson may be delayed or impeded in providing RACQ Trade Assist due to circumstances beyond their reasonable control, including Major Disasters; adverse weather conditions; general unavailability of materials, parts, qualified personnel, equipment, fuel or other resources; and failures in telecommunications, satellite and global positioning systems (including any loss of coverage), and otherwise where RACQ Trade Assist is not reasonably available.


In such circumstances, there will be no obligation to provide RACQ Trade Assist, but the Tradesperson will take reasonable steps to minimise the impact of such circumstances.

Section 5 – Additional Works

Further Service Callouts will be considered an additional Service Callout for which a separate Service Callout Fee must be paid. For example, where a plumber is dispatched to your Eligible Property, but it becomes apparent that the services of an electrician are required, you must pay an additional, separate Service Callout Fee before an additional Tradesperson will be dispatched to your Eligible Property.

The Service Provider may provide you with a verbal or written estimate for any further scheduled works outside of the RACQ Trade Assist. This could be required if additional works are requested from the Tradesperson once they are on site and if the job is bigger than they have allowed for.

Any additional work conducted by the Service Provider within the scope of Section 3 will be charged at the same rate and bound by these terms and conditions. RACQ is not liable for any Out of Scope Services, which will be subject to separate agreement directly between the Service Provider and customer. 

Further, the Service Provider and RACQ are not liable for any loss or damage you suffer if you decide not to proceed with any recommended service, if applicable.

Section 6 – Liability

All guarantees, terms, conditions, warranties, undertakings, inducements or representations whether express or implied, statutory or otherwise, relating to these Terms and Conditions are excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law:

  1. except as provided in paragraph (b) below; and
  2. except where these Terms and Conditions expressly state otherwise.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions excludes, restricts or modifies any right or remedy, or any guarantee, term, condition, warranty, undertaking, inducement or representation, implied or imposed by any legislation which cannot lawfully be excluded or limited.  This may include the Australian Consumer Law in Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth), which contains guarantees that protect the purchasers of goods and services in certain circumstances.

Service Guarantee

Should you be unhappy with the service provided by the Tradesperson, call 1800 622 956 to report the issue. This will be escalated to the feedback team who will investigate the issue. Should the Service Provider find that the Tradesperson has not completed the work to an industry standard then the Service Provider will reattend to resolve the issue.

Refunds will not be provided for any issues that occur that are not a direct result of the work conducted by the Service Provider. Refunds will also not be issued if the work is deemed to have been completed adequately and within these terms and conditions, as determined by the Service Provider. If the issue is resolved by the Service Provider, no refund will be provided.

Please note that if you provide parts for the work, these parts cannot be guaranteed by the Service Provider, and there will be an additional charge to replace them if faulty.

Notwithstanding the paragraph  above, RACQ has no liability to any person in connection with the Trade Assist Services or the nature of their provision, including, without limitation, in connection with any advice given in the course of or in connection with the services, faults not reported or identified during the service, damage to property or personal accidents or injuries and whether in tort, contract or otherwise.  If, notwithstanding the above, RACQ is found to be liable to you and/or any other person in connection with any advice given in the course of or in connection with the services, RACQ’s total liability is limited to a sum not exceeding $10,000 (which shall include legal costs) in respect of the aggregate of all claims during any consecutive period of 12 months.

Except where you direct the Service Provider not to undertake any particular Service, you are responsible for any loss or damage that you suffer in connection with:

  1. Any adverse impact on an existing insurance claim or subsequent insurance claim or any legal action;
  2. The voiding of any warranty;
  3. Breaches of any obligations you owe to any other person; or
  4. Assistance provided to you through an RACQ Trade Assist.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, neither RACQ is not liable to any person for any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage suffered by any person in connection with the services provided pursuant to these Terms and Conditions.  This applies to all claims, whether such claims are made in tort (including without limitation negligence), in equity, under statue or on any other basis.

Section 7 – Other Important Information

Refund entitlements

Unless it is required by law to give a refund, or as otherwise expressly provided in these Terms and Conditions, fees paid to the Service Provider are non-refundable.


The RACQ group collects, uses and discloses your personal information in line with our Privacy Statement which is available free of charge from racq.com, or you can request a copy from an RACQ consultant. 

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you also acknowledge that you have read and agree to our Privacy Statement.

You also agree that we may, from time to time, use your information to market services or products to you, or to conduct surveys to ensure the quality of RACQ Trade Assist (including by providing your feedback to our service providers).  If you do not wish to receive such material you can contact us at any time and we will generally process your request within 14 days of receipt.


If you have a complaint in respect of any Goods or services provided, please contact the RACQ Trade Assist team on 1800 622 956 who will advise the Service Provider of the complaint. The Service Provider should be given an opportunity to inspect the Nominated Property and may need to do so to deal with your complaint.

Section 8 – Definitions

Eligible Property: a residential property which comprises a fixed and permanent residence which is self-contained and lockable (e.g. house, unit, flat or bungalow) and is situated within the selected areas in Queensland as nominated by RACQ from time to time, subject to the Service Exclusions.

Included Materials: the low-value tools, equipment, parts and materials that are provided by the Service Provider for use in providing RACQ Trade Assist, as determined by it from time to time.  It specifically excludes any appliances, fixtures, fittings or parts specified in Section 3 as being provided by Customer or the Service Provider at Customer’s cost.

Major Disasters: include:

  1. Earthquakes;
  2. Tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones or major storms;
  3. Explosions;
  4. Fire;
  5. Flood;
  6. Political or industrial disturbances, riots or civil commotion;
  7. Tsunami, tidal wave, storm surge, landslide;
  8. Acts of terrorism;
  9. War; and
  10. Use, existence or escape of any nuclear or radioactive material or any biological, chemical or nuclear pollution or contamination.

Member: a member of the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland Limited ABN 72 009 660 575.

Nominated Property: the Eligible Property nominated by you for a particular RACQ Trade Assist under these Terms and Conditions.

Out of Scope Services:  means additional services which may be provided by the Service Provider to the customer by separate agreement, which do not fall within the scope specified in Section 3 and are not covered by these Terms and Conditions.

RACQ, we, our, us:  RACQ Operations Pty Ltd ABN 80 009 663 414.

Service: the RACQ Trade Assist services described in these Terms and Conditions.

Service Exclusions: the meaning given to it in Section 3 of these Terms and Conditions.

Service Provider: Aizer Trade Services Pty Ltd (ABN : 61 607 531 699, QBCC Licence: 15137712, Electrical Contractor Licence: 86177)

Terms and Conditions: this document which is entitled RACQ Trade Assist Terms and Conditions.

Tradesperson: an appropriately licensed contractor engaged by the Service Provider to provide RACQ Trade Assist services.

You, your:  the person accessing the RACQ Trade Assist service, who must be aged over 18 years of age and the owner of the Nominated Property.

Section 9 – General

You are bound by the latest version of the RACQ Trade Assist Terms and Conditions. These are available at https://www.racq.com.au/home-assistance/trade-assist/trade-assist-terms-and-conditions or by calling 13 1905. We may amend or withdraw any part of these Terms and Conditions at any time by placing a notice on our website.

Any provision of these Terms and Conditions which is wholly or partially void or cannot be enforced will not apply to the extent that it is void or cannot be enforced. The remainder of these Terms and Conditions will continue to apply.