As fellow Queenslanders, we understand how much of an impact storm or flood damage can have on you and your families. That’s why we’re here to help when you need it most. 

Call us on 13 7202 if you’ve been affected by severe weather and need to make a claim.

After a storm or flood there are things you can do to help minimise damage to your property or belongings and to keep you and your family safe.

First and foremost, never attempt any clean up that may put yourself, family members or anyone else at risk.

  • Find out how to claim or call us to get help.
  • Read up on how to prepare for storms.
  • If you see an electrical risk, call Energex on 13 19 62. For storm or flood emergencies call the SES on 132 500.

Be safe after a storm

  • Do not go outside if it is not safe (i.e. fallen power lines, flooding, debris) or if the storm has not cleared.
  • Be aware that fallen power lines, damaged trees or other obstacles can fall on you and cause injury.
  • Do not drive through storm affected areas unless absolutely necessary.
  • Do not drive through flood waters.
  • Check your house and property for damage – take photos and make notes.
  • Call us to get help with your claim.

Have your home and/or contents been damaged by a storm?

Keep as much evidence of ownership of your property as you can as this will help us to settle your claim quickly.  However always make sure you put safety first – only retain damaged goods that do not pose a health or injury risk to you and your family.

  • Dispose of any food waste or any other items that may be a health hazard, keeping a list of items thrown away.
  • If you need to throw out belongings that have been damaged, take a photo first. Photographs are incredibly valuable in the claims process.
  • Keep receipts if you need to buy essential items such as bedding, clothing or food after the incident as you may be eligible for an emergency payment of up to $5,000.
  • Keep any damp areas well ventilated so they can dry out but always maintain security. 
  • Retain a sample of any materials removed from the house (e.g. carpet or flooring) only if it is safe to do so. This will assist us in settling your claim.

You can visit our Home Assist section or call 1800 800 552 to see if we can help you.

Helpful links

  • Home Assist – get 24 hour assistance, for things such as burst pipes or a leaking roof, with your Household Insurance policy.
  • Bureau of Meteorology – get up to date weather warnings and forecasts for your area.
  • Energex – find information on current outages. 131 962 to report fallen powerlines or electric shocks and 136 262 to report power interruptions.
  • State Emergency Service (SES) – search and rescue operations and disaster response services to the Queensland community. Call 132 500 for assistance following severe storms or flooding.

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