Health insurance for couples

Couples cover protects you and your partner during planned and unplanned twists and turns. Our policies make it easy to choose the right cover that suits your needs today, and in the future.

With RACQ Couples Health Insurance you’ll get great value cover plus access to the AIA Vitality health and wellness program. This scientifically-backed, personalised system supports you every day to make healthier lifestyle choices. RACQ Health Insurance protects you and your significant other, no matter where you are in life’s journey.

RACQ Health Insurance

Accident Hospital & Packages Accident hospital

Choose RACQ Health Insurance and be protected if you or your partner has an accident. Plus, with the option to package it up you could claim back on the level of extras that works for you.

Basic Hospital & Packages Basic Hospital

Our Basic Hospital policy offers competitively priced health insurance with cover you can count on. Take your pick of our extras levels and enjoy a health insurance package that covers you for more.

Mid Hospital & Packages Mid Hospital

Choose our Mid Hospital cover when you want extra protection for common hospital visits. Our middle of the range policy protects yourself and your partner, plus you can choose a level of extras to suit you both.

Comprehensive Hospital & Packages Comprehensive Hospital

If you’re after comprehensive cover but aren’t planning on expanding your family, pick Comprehensive Hospital. You’ll be covered for more and can save on the treatments you won’t be using. Package it up and choose the level of extras you want covered.

Top Hospital & Packages Top Hospital

Top Hospital is perfect for couples planning on adding to their family. With IVF, pregnancy and comprehensive cover included, you’ll get an inclusive policy to suit your life stage. When you make it a package you’ve got the freedom you need to pick an extras tier that works for your life.