What is extras cover

When we’re talking about the cost of your healthcare, the bills aren’t limited to hospital visits. That’s where extras come in. A combined hospital & extras  policy means you’ll be covered both in and outside the hospital so you can afford the healthcare you need. Think about dentist check-ups, visits to the optometrist, physiotherapist, masseuse and more – it starts to add up doesn’t it? With extras cover you’ll get cash back on those everyday medical costs, saving you more.

Why get extras? 

Include extras in your health insurance policy and get more cover, more protection and more savings.

  • Get cash back on everyday medical treatment
  • Stay up to date with your annual check ups
  • Make the most of your health with treatment you ordinarily couldn’t afford
  • Choose a specialist on merit, not cost.

What's covered under extras policy? 

When you’re considering extras, it pays to read a bit of the fine print. Do some investigating into the policy to see what’s covered, including the annual benefits. If you visit a chiropractor every few weeks and you have an annual benefit of a few hundred dollars, your appointments may only be covered for a month or two. Depending on your policy you’ll have a list of extras and the amount you can claim each year so you’ll know what treatments you can get and where you can save.