Health insurance for families

We know it’s important for you to protect your loved ones. That’s why our policies suit families of all shapes and sizes. With RACQ Health Insurance you’ll get a variety of options to choose from and benefits that give you more.

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RACQ Health Insurance

Basic Hospital & Packages 

Get great value health insurance and be covered if one of your loved ones has an accident. With the option to package it up you could choose how much you want back with extras. Get a policy that covers accidents and more with RACQ Health Insurance.

Bronze Hospital & Packages 

Choose Bronze Hospital and know your family will be covered by a policy that won’t break the bank. Bundle it into a package and choose the level of extras you want us to take care of.

Silver Hospital & Packages 

If you need a little more cover, are adding to your family or if your family is complete, choose one of the Silver Hospital products (Silver or Silver Plus) and get reassurance your loved ones are protected. This family-friendly cover includes hospital treatments and with the option to take your pick of our extras levels, you can have a policy that lets you all sleep soundly.

Gold Hospital & Packages

Adding to the family? Gold Hospital includes IVF, pregnancy and birth cover plus extensive hospital treatment so your family can live life without worry. When you make it a package you’ll have the freedom to choose the level of extras that works for your loved ones.