What is hospital cover? 

Hospital cover helps pay the bills when you’re admitted to hospital. The amount you’ll be covered for depends on the level of insurance you have. When you sign up for private health insurance it’s totally up to you what cover you choose. You’ve got the freedom to pick the right policy that’ll cover what’s most important to you.

Why get hospital cover? 

With Medicare covering some of the costs of medical treatment it’s normal to weigh up whether health insurance  is right for you. Not only can health insurance give you more choice, you can enjoy added comfort and save on government surcharges too. 

  • Be treated in private hospitals.  
  • Avoid public waiting lists.
  • Choose the timing of your treatment.
  • Have the choice of surgeon or specialist.
  • Opportunity to recover in a private room.
  • Avoid the Lifetime Health Cover(LHC) loading.
  • Avoid the Medicare Levy Surcharge penalty.
  • Get the Australian Government Rebate.
  • Option to include extras so you save on everyday treatments.

Levels of hospital cover

Health insurance policies are suited for Queenslanders of all shapes and sizes. The cover you choose will depend on several factors, including what you want covered, your goals and your budget.

Basic Hospital

Young, fit and healthy? Bronze Hospital policies cover Queenslanders that want protection for those unexpected illnesses. Bronze Hospital insurance provides cost-effective cover in the case of an accident or emergency.

Bronze Hospital

When you want a bit more cover than just the basics, bronze hospital can help. You'll be covered for common treatments but save with lower monthly premiums.

Silver Hospital

When you need to know you and your loved ones are covered, choose one of our Silver Hospital covers. You’ve got the freedom to choose a policy that suits whether you’re an established or growing family.

Gold Hospital & Packages

Gold Hospital offers our highest policy level. Know you’re covered for extensive hospital treatment and for IVF, pregnancy and birth. You can be reassured you and your kids are protected, plus you’ll have the freedom to choose from a range of Extras covers to find the one that works for you.

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What's covered under a hospital policy?

What you’re covered for all depends on what policy you’ve chosen – just check your RACQ Health Insurance Member Guide. If you pay a bit extra you’ll usually have more protection, but if you’re healthy you can save money just getting the basics. When you’re signing up for cover it’s worth reading our Member Guide and the Fact Sheet for the policy you’ve joined to see what you’re covered for. If you’re after cover for dentist visits, physiotherapy or other out of hospital treatments – you can! You’ll just need to choose a combined hospital with extras policy.