Health insurance for single parents

When you have kids relying on you and you’re on a budget it’s more important than ever to pick great value health insurance. That’s why we’re now offering health cover for Queenslanders with a variety of options to choose from. Whether you’re after a basic policy or want a little extra cover, you can count on us for great value Single Parents Health Insurance.

When you choose RACQ you know you’re getting more of what you love, as well as access to AIA Vitality, a personalised, scientifically-backed health and wellness program. With tools to improve your health and great rewards to keep motivated, you’ll get all the encouragement you need to live a healthier lifestyle in Queensland

RACQ Health Insurance

Basic Hospital & Packages 

Choose Basic Hospital and know you and your kids are protected in an emergency. Want a little more? Our tiered extras cover lets you choose the right package that suits your family and your budget.

Bronze Hospital & Packages 

When you want competitively priced hospital cover that protects you for more than just accidents, choose Bronze Hospital. Our great value basic policy comes with member benefits so it won’t break the bank. Make it a package and pick the level of extras you want taken care of.

Silver Hospital & Packages 

With a Silver Hospital product you will get a policy that protects your family. These products include a higher level of hospital cover and comes with a choice of how much you want back on extras.

Gold Hospital & Packages

Adding to your family? Know you’re protected with a policy that has no exclusions or restrictions. Gold Hospital includes cover for IVF, pregnancy and birth. Want to add on extras? Gold Hospital can be paired with a range of Extras covers to give you the freedom to choose the level of cover right for you.