We've got you covered with RACQ Contents Insurance

Enjoy the security that Queensland’s largest club offers with RACQ Contents Insurance. Our weather is so unpredictable and our storms fierce, so you want protection from a trusted brand that will be there when you need help.

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RACQ Contents Insurance benefits include:

  • cover for a range of events including flood, storms, fire, theft and more
  • new-for-old replacement on your contents 
  • lifetime repair guarantee
  • Roadside Assistance loyalty discount
  • voluntary excess to reduce your premium. 

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You can trust RACQ to cover all your big items, and protect your smaller ones, because they’re all important to you. Our cover includes:

  • multi-policy discounts
  • up to $1,000 paid for food spoilage
  • waiving or refunding your remaining premium if you’re genuinely made redundant.

Got the right amount of insurance?

See how much contents insurance you really need. Use our fast and easy calculator.

Contents calculator

This calculator is intended as a guide only. We encourage you to make a complete and thorough assessment to meet your specific requirements. You may wish to regularly conduct an assessment of the value of your home’s contents.

What you get

Insured events Queensland experiences its fair share of extreme weather. With RACQ, you’re covered in the event of:
  • flood and water runoff
  • storm, cyclone, hail, fire, earthquake, tsunami
  • lightning and power surges
  • animal damage
  • impact, explosion
  • riots
  • theft and vandalism
  • leaks - bursting, leaking, discharging or overflowing of liquids.
$20 million legal liability cover We pay up to $20 million in legal liability if an accident occurs at your insured address. This benefit covers the liability of you and anyone who permanently resides with you at the property.
Food spoilage
We pay up to $1000 for spoiled frozen and refrigerated food and medicines if caused by:
  • an insured event
  • refrigerant fumes escaping
  • a fridge or freezer break down
  • public electricity failure.
Extra living expenses While the home you rent is being rebuilt or repaired, we pay up to 10% of your sum insured for extra living expenses (e.g. fees to connect electricity, phones and gas, or temporary fencing for your pet).
Demolition and removal of debris  We will pay up to 20% of your insured amount to remove any debris that occurs during an event.   
Security firm response We pay up to $750 to cover the cost charged by your security firm if they respond to an alarm signal at your home because of an insured event.
Lifetime repair guarantee   We guarantee the quality of repairs we authorise for your contents by repairing any faulty workmanship. 
Broken glass We pay the cost of repairing or replacing broken glass that forms part of your furniture (e.g. a coffee table or china cabinet).
Counselling services  We pay for up to 6 counselling sessions with a registered practitioner following an insured event.  
Clean up costs We pay the cost of cleaning up the mess or damage caused by a thief, vandal or forensic police investigation.
Contents in storage We cover you for contents that you store away from your rented property for up to 60 consecutive days.
Contents in transit We cover you for contents while you are moving them to a new residence in Australia. Cover extends for 14 days from the day you start to move.
Contents in a safety deposit box We cover you for the contents that you keep in a safe deposit box at a financial institution.
Gifts We cover the cost of gifts you bought for a special occasion (e.g. wedding, Christmas gifts) if they are lost due to an insured event.
Storage costs after an event We pay the reasonable costs to store your contents if you need to move out of your rental property because of an insured event.
Matching repairs  We will pay up to $500 to replace or match undamaged floor coverings when carrying out repairs from an insured event.  
Credit card misuse We pay certain costs you may be liable for if your credit card or other financial transaction card is lost or stolen.
Replacing documents We pay up to $1,000 to replace important personal documents (e.g. marriage certificates, passports) that are lost or damaged by an insured event.
Temporary removal of contents We cover the contents you have with you while you are away from your rented property for up to 30 consecutive days (e.g. if you take your camera or laptop on a holiday).
Visitor’s contents If we pay your claim for an insured event, we also pay up to $500 towards the cost of replacing any visitors’ contents.
Redundancy premium waiver  We will waive or refund the remaining premium on your policy if you, as the policyholder, are made genuinely redundant. 
Removal of debris We pay for the reasonable costs of removing the debris caused by an insured event.
Funeral expenses We pay up to $5,000 to assist with funeral expenses if you or a member of your family dies as a result of an insured event.

The above features are a summary only and limits apply. Please refer to our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and any relevant Supplementary PDS for full details, exclusions, and terms and conditions.

Choose from optional extras

For an additional cost, you can add these optional benefits to your RACQ Contents Insurance policy. 

Advanced cover Get cover for accidental loss, damage or motor burnout. For example, if you knock over a lamp, which crashes into your television; or you spill a glass of water on your laptop. 
Pet cover Get up to $750 cover for up to two pets (dogs or cats only), for veterinary costs associated with accidental injury or illness. Please note it doesn’t cover elective, routine or preventative veterinary care like injections or worming.
Mobile phones We cover your mobile phone if it is accidentally lost or damaged anywhere in Australia or New Zealand up to the insured amount you nominate. 
Items away from home We can cover items that may leave your rented property (in Australia and New Zealand) for loss or damage up to the insured amount you nominate.
Specified items Increase your cover for valuable items inside your rented property. You can nominate the sum insured.
Small business contents Our standard policy covers your home office equipment and furnishings for up to $10,000. This optional benefit means you can choose to raise the insured amount by an additional $20,000 and include cover for stock.

The above features are a summary only and limits apply. Please refer to our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and any relevant Supplementary PDS for full details, exclusions, and terms and conditions.

Save on your insurance

Put the following discounts to use and reduce the cost of your insurance.

Roadside Assistance loyalty discount Already an RACQ member with Roadside Assistance? Get up to 17.5% discount on your contents insurance depending on your level of membership.
Household excellence bonus Get up to 6% discount if you have held household insurance for 5 years or more, with any insurer, without making a claim.
Multi-policy discount If you have three or more insurance policies with RACQ, get up to 5% off each of your eligible policies.
No claim discount If you haven’t claimed in the last 12 months, get up to 4% off your premium.
Over 55 discount Once you turn 55, you may get a discount of up to 15% off your policy. Note that you are only entitled to one of either the Over 55 or Seniors Card discounts.
Seniors Card discount If you hold a qualifying Seniors Card, get up to 25% off your policy.
Apartment discount If you live in a unit, duplex, townhouse or flat, get up to 20% off your premium.
Alarm discount Got an alarm that’s monitored 24/7? Get up to 10% off your premium.
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