Pet insurance for dogs

We know it’s important for you to protect your pet. That’s why our dog insurance covers the most common conditions that affect man’s best friend. With RACQ Pet Insurance your pooch is protected against hereditary, accidental, routine and chronic conditions. 

We cover: 

  • hip displasia
  • cancer treatment
  • joint conditions
  • allergic dermatitis 
  • dental disease 
  • food intolerance 
  • heart, kidney and liver disease; and much more

Why trust RACQ dog insurance? 

Unlike other providers, at RACQ you'll get comprehensive cover even on our baseline policy. When you choose RACQ Pet Insurance you'll reduce your vet bills and have peace of mind you're protecting your furry friend when it matters most. 

Choose RACQ Pet Insurance and you'll receive: 

  • $12,000 per year for illness and injury costs
  • 80% back on eligible vet care 
  • your choice of excess - $0, $100 or $200. 
  • a $50 discount when you apply online
  • multi-pet discount 
  • flexible payments plan 
  • preventative care option 
  • RACQ member discounts 
  • option to waive cruciate ligament waiting period
  • option to apply for pre-existing condition waiver

At RACQ, we cover your dog for more. Read more about pre-existing conditions and see how RACQ can help.

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How to care for your dog

The health of your dog is important. Follow our dog care tips to reduce your vet bills and give your dog a happy life in Queensland. 


  • At least 30 minutes' walk, run or playtime
  • Vet-recommended food once or twice daily 
  • At least 30 minutes of calm affection 
  • Change water 

Each week 

  • Groom - check skin and ears, brush and wash coat 
  • Basic obedience lessons with treats 
  • Wash bedding 
  • Long off-leash walk or play with other dogs, if well-socialised 

Monthly care 

  • Clean teeth by giving dog a bone or chew toy, or brush with a pet toothbrush 
  • Trim nails 
  • Tick and flea treatment ever 2-4 weeks (some treatments can last 3 months) 
  • Wash toys 

Every three months 

  • Worm 
  • Check tick and flea treatment 
  • Weigh-in
  • Professional groom 

Annual dog care 

  • Vet check-up 
  • Annual vaccination
  • Heart worm injection 
  • Weigh-in 

Compare pet insurance and find the best cover for your dog. Trust RACQ Pet Insurance and protect your pet when it matters most. 

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*Estimated costs only, illness and injury cover - covers 80% of vet bills up to $12,000 annually.

Insurance products (excluding Travel Insurance and the Life and Income Protection Insurance suite of products) are issued by RACQ Insurance Limited ABN 50 009 704 152 (RACQ). Conditions, limits and exclusions apply. Online discount does not apply to pay by the month option. Please read the PDS before making a purchase decision on this product. Any general advice relating to this product at is provided by RACQ.