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RACQ Unique Vehicle Insurance is no longer available.

RACQ Unique Vehicle Insurance will no longer be available for offer or renewal from 29 March 2021.

If you have any questions regarding the ceasing of this product, you can read through the FAQ’s below.

Contact us online or call us on 13 1905 to discuss.

Why can’t I keep the Unique Vehicle Policy I currently have?
Unfortunately, RACQ is no longer able to offer the Unique Vehicle product. We do have other products that may suit your needs. Please call RACQ on 13 1905 so we can assist you further.

How do I know what the difference is between my Unique Vehicle policy and the new policy I have been offered?
The main points of difference are referenced in the letter sent to you. We recommend you read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and any relevant Supplementary (PDS).

What if I am not happy with the policy option offered to me in replacement of the Unique Vehicle policy?
If you are not happy with the policy option offered to you, please contact RACQ on 13 1905 to discuss. Alternatively, you can contact us online.

I have an existing Unique Vehicle Policy. What do I need to do?
We will send detailed instructions to you prior to the expiry date of your existing Unique Vehicle policy. Please be assured that your cover remains valid until its' expiry date. If you would like to make any changes to your cover prior to its' expiry, please call us on 13 1905 so we can help you.