Using the app

How do I get the app? Show more

You can download the Learner Driver app for free on your smartphone. Just visit the App Store or Google Play.

How do I record my hours? Show more

In the RACQ Learner Driver app you can choose to start a trip and the app will start recording your driving time. Alternatively, you can manually enter past trips into the app once you’ve completed them.

What information do I need to record? Show more

You need to record your start date and time, start location, supervisor and vehicle.

What time is classified as 'night driving'? Show more

Night time driving is classified as after dusk and before dawn (between sunset and sunrise).

What if I do more than 90 day hours before I complete my 10 night hours? Show more

You can obtain your day and night driving hours in whichever split you like e.g. day time hours first or a combination of each, and you can complete more than 100 hours in total. Once you hit 100 hours (including the 10 compulsory night hours) you can submit your logbook to the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

What if a trip in my log is incorrect? Show more

You can delete or edit the details of a trip at any time. If it’s already been approved it will need to be approved again by your supervisor.

What happens if I accidently cancel a trip? Can I get the information back? Show more

Unfortunately, we can’t retrieve a cancelled trip but you can re-enter the cancelled trip manually as long as your supervisor approves it.

Should I stop the data recording time if I have a delay during my trip? Eg; stuck in traffic / sitting in a drive thru? Show more

There’s no need to stop the app recording when you are driving. Your trip time can be modified before you submit it for approval.

What do I do if I forget to enter my end odometer reading? Show more

You’ll need to input an odometer reading before you start your next trip. You can manually add in past trips and their information if you forget at the end of your trip.

Can I enter past trips? Show more

Yes, you can. You can manually enter information from a previous trip through the app.

What if I dont know the suburb I start or finish in? Show more

You can search for the suburb you’re in on your smartphone as long as you’re stationary and not in control of the car.

Can I enter my supervisors details before we go for a drive? Show more

Yes. To assign a supervisor to your trip you’ll need to add in their details before you take off. You can do this from the Add Supervisor button accessible from your Profile.

Why do I have to enter the registration of the car I'm driving in? Show more

This information is sent to the Department of Transport and Main Roads so they have a record of the type of vehicle that you’re learning in and so they can verify that the car is registered.

When I start recording my trip it tells me to switch on 'Do Not Disturb' and focus on the road? Show more

In some phones there’s a setting you can choose to automatically switch to Do Not Disturb. Otherwise, you can turn on Do Not Disturb manually before you start your trip. Do Not Disturb stops your phone from receiving messages and calls so you can concentrate on the road.

What can do I do if my supervisor hasn't approved my trip? Show more

If your supervisor has set up a PIN you can ask them to approve the trip on your phone, otherwise you can send the trip to be approved via email to their email address.

What happens if my supervisor rejects a trip because the details are incorrect? Show more

You’ll get a notification email to let you know your trip has been rejected. Rejected trips are visible in your trip log under Rejected. Trip details can be edited and then resubmitted to the supervisor.

Can I delete a trip? Show more

Yes, just swipe left to delete the trip.

Will the app work if I turn my data off during the trip? Show more

Yes, the app is only recording trip time, not location. But you’ll need to be online again so the trip can be saved to your account.


How many hours do I need to complete? Show more

Generally, if you are under 25 in Queensland you’ll need to record at least 100 hours (including 10 compulsory night hours) of supervised driving, unless otherwise specified by the Department of Transport and Main Roads. You can record these hours in any of the following;

  • the RACQ Learner Driver App
  • the RACQ Learn2go app
  • the Department of Transport and Main Roads Learner Logbook app
  • the Queensland Learner Logbook (hard copy)
  • a learner logbook app from another recognised third-party provider
  • an approved interstate learner logbook.

or a combination of the above methods.

Do I have to complete 100 hours? Can I be exempt? Show more

The requirement to record 100 hours of supervised driving experience in a learner logbook applies to all learner licence holders under 25. You can apply for exemption from learner logbook requirements in some circumstances. Your application will be assessed against strict criteria.

To be eligible for a learner logbook exemption you must hold a learner licence, be under 25 and be able to prove that;

  • no car is reasonably available to you to learn to drive
  • no supervisor is reasonably available to supervise your driving
  • the road network where you live is significantly limited.

You will need to contact the Department of Transport and Main Roads to apply directly.

What if I have previous driving experience in another state/country? Show more

Driving experience from interstate or foreign countries cannot be recorded in a Queensland logbook or app but you can apply for prior driving recognition. If you completed driving experience in another Australian state/territory or another country and want it to count towards your 100 hours, you must complete the prior driving experience form (F4450) available from the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

If I move interstate, can I still use my app? Show more

To pass your provisional licence in Queensland you need to be a Queensland resident. You will need to contact the relevant licensing authority interstate to see how your learner logbook will be assessed.

Can I complete my hours faster? Show more

Every hour you spend with a Queensland accredited driver trainer counts as three hours supervised driving in your logbook. Drive 10 hours with an accredited trainer and you’ll get 30 hours for your logbook!

App user administration

What happens if I forgot my password? Show more

If you forget your password just click on the “Forgot Password” link in the login screen. Complete your details and we’ll send out an email with a verification code so you can change your password.

Is my personal information safe? Show more

We take your privacy seriously. You’ll create your own unique login and password to use that app and we’ll only share your information if you give us permission.

What happens if I put in the wrong details when I set up my account? Show more

You can edit your personal details at any time under your “Profile”. You need to make sure the information you’ve entered matches your licence exactly before you submit your completed hours to the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

My account/email address already exists when I’m trying to register. What should I do? Show more

We use your email address as your unique identifier for your app account. If your email address is already being used in our system we won’t be able to set up an account for you. If you think you‘ve already set up an account, try to reset your password from the “Forgot Password” link on the login screen.

Who can use the app? Show more

You must be at least 16 years old and hold a valid Queensland learner licence to use the Learner Driver app.
To create an account, you’ll need your:

  • email address
  • full name
  • password (that you create when you sign up)
  • date of birth
  • learner licence number
  • phone number
  • address.

Double check the details you’ve entered match the details on your learner licence.

Submitting my hours

Can I submit my hours directly to the Department of Transport and Main Roads? Show more

Yes. Once you have hit your 100 hours (or specified hours) you can submit your approved hours directly to the Department of Transport and Main Roads through the app. The information we submit needs to be accurate as this is what the Department of Transport and Main Roads will use to check your licence details.

How do I submit my hours? Show more

Once you’ve achieved your 100 approved supervised driving hours your app dashboard will display the message “Congratulations! You have completed your target hours” and you will see a “Submit logbook” button.

You’ll then be shown your details in your profile so you can double check your details match your driver’s licence exactly. Then you can submit your logbook directly to the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Once I submit to the Department of Transport and Main Roads, is there anything else I need to do? Show more

The Department of Transport and Main Roads will get in contact with you to let you know if your logbook’s been approved and you can book your practical test, or if you need to complete more supervised driving hours. It will take at least 12 business days for them to receive and process your logbook. Once you submit your logbook you don’t need to do anything else. If you’d like an update just get in contact with the Department of Transport and Main Road directly.

Once I submit do I get a record of what is provided to the Department of Transport and Main Roads? Show more

You’ll get a confirmation email sent to your email address with a copy of your approved hours.

Supervisor / Driving instructor

Who can be a supervisor? Show more

Your supervisor needs to be a safe, experienced driver who’s up to date with current Queensland road rules. They’ll need to have held their open licence for at least one year, have their licence in the vehicle you’re learning in e.g. manual or automatic and be available to attend each driving lesson with you.

Do I need to use a driving instructor? Show more

You don’t need to use a driving instructor to gain your 100 hours but using a driving school or a driver trainer will help you learn the skills you need to be a safe and competent driver.

Why do I have to enter my supervisors licence details? Show more

Your supervisor details will be sent to the Department of Transport and Main Roads. Their details are used when you submit your logbook as the department will need to verify they are a licenced driver.

How does my supervisor use the app? Show more

Your supervisor doesn't need to download the Learner Driver app. After you’ve entered a trip in the app you can ask your supervisor to approve it from your mobile phone screen. Your supervisor can approve your trips immediately using their PIN (if they have set one), or they can opt to receive an email link to approve your hours. The email will contain the details of the trip and links for your supervisor to approve or reject the trip.

Why cant my supervisor use the same email address as me? Show more

We use your email address as your unique identifier. The email address you choose allows you to log in to the app and access your account. Your supervisor will need to choose a different email address as we will send them messages to approve your trips.

Can my supervisor change their default PIN email preference? Show more

If your supervisor has set up a PIN we’ll automatically ask your supervisor to approve your trip with their PIN. Your supervisor can also skip this step and approve your trip via email.

What happens if my supervisor forgets their PIN? Show more

Your supervisor can request a PIN reset through the app under “Supervisor Details”. This will then send your supervisor an email (to the email address we have on file for them) so they can change their PIN.

What happens if my supervisor didnt get the trip approval email? Show more

Double check you have the correct email address for them in the “Supervisor Details” section of the app. Once correct, you can re-send the request for approval from the trip under “Trips” > “Pending Approval”.

What happens if my supervisor needs to reject a trip because the details are incorrect? Show more

If you realise your trip details are incorrect immediately after the trip you can edit them before you ask your supervisor to approve it. If you’ve emailed your approval request your supervisor can reject the trip from the reject button in their email. Trip details can then be edited and resubmitted to the supervisor via email for their approval.

RACQ Learn2Go app

Is there two RACQ Learner Driver apps? Show more

Yes, we released an app in 2014 that was called Learn2Go and was part of our old learner driver program. This app will be closed down on 1st July 2020. If you have approved hours in this app that you would like to retain, you will need to extract them prior to 1st July. See How do I extract my approved Learn2Go hours? for more information.

We’ve now released a new app called RACQ Learner Driver app that is a brand new app designed from scratch which makes it easier to record your hours and get them approved!

What’s the difference?
a. The Learn2Go app required you to record your trip in the app and then submit to your supervisor. Your supervisor would then receive an email asking them to log into the Learn2Go website to approve your trip.
b. The RACQ Learner Driver app records your trip time in the app the same, but now you can either ask your supervisor to approve the trip immediately by simply entering their PIN, or you can email them an approval request where they can approve from clicking a button in their email.

How do I extract my approved Learn2Go hours? Show more

  1. Log into:
  2. Check all your drives are approved
  3. Click “Print logbook” - your logbook will be then sent to your nominated email address.

Further details are available in the How to extract Learn2Go logbook quick reference guide.

What if I forgot my password? Show more

You can go To the Learn2Go website and click on the “Forgotten password” link

My supervisor’s password isn’t working? Show more

Your supervisor needs to register as a supervisor first (both Learner and Supervisor need to register for the account). If they didn’t get the activation email after completing the registration form, you can click on the “Resend activation email” link.
If your supervisor’s password doesn’t work after they have registered, they can click on the “Forgotten password” link to re-set it.

My supervisor cant see drives to approve? Show more

Log into the Learn2Go website and check that your supervisor is linked to your account.

My supervisor incorrectly registered as a learner not a supervisor? Show more

You will need to contact the Free2Go team to assist.

I didn't get the email with PDF when I requested my hours? Show more

Check your junk folder as some mail providers incorrectly classify unrecognised email addresses with attachments as SPAM.

If it’s not there, log into the Learn2Go website and click on the 'My Logbook' green tab. On this page, ensure 'Print Entire Logbook' is selected and send logbook. The pdf logbook will be sent to the email address you have set in your profile.

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