Going travelling

Heading off on your OE or just taking a well-deserved break? We’ve got advice on how to budget for your holiday including discounts, deals and travel tips to make this trip your best one yet.

Travel tips

Read our travel tips and pick up some tricks on how to make the most of your holiday.

  • Store extra cash in an empty chapstick to keep it out of sight.
  • Roll your clothes when packing instead of folding. It’ll reduce creases and you’ll fit more in your suitcase.
  • Dry wet clothes by pegging them to the outside of your backpack as you walk around in the sun.
  • Keep a stash of plastic bags for dirty clothes and shoes.
  • Morning flights generally have less turbulence so choose these if you’re a nervous flyer or get plane sickness.
  • Feed your necklaces through a straw to keep them from tangling.
  • If your room has a TV, it probably has a USB port you can use to charge your devices.
  • Use a list when packing so you don’t forget anything, especially if you are in a hurry. Luckily for you we have the ultimate packing list.

What to sort before you travel

Heading overseas? Think about the following and make your trip one you’ll remember for the right reasons.

  • make a travel budget. Think about airfares, transport, accommodation, visa requirements, food, entertainment, mobile phone roaming, bills while you’re away etc. and plan how much you can spend each day
  • know how you’ll spend overseas. How will you pay your way? Whether it’s cash, travel cards, credit or debit cards, do some research and find the best way to pay while saving on international fees
  • plan and save on your holiday. Did you know you can get discounts on entertainment, food and experiences with your Free2Go membership? Plan ahead and save some cash with your available discounts
  • sort your travel insurance. Wherever you’re heading, sort your travel insurance before you leave and be protected. You’ll get generous discounts on your policy with your Free2Go membership.

For more holiday savings tips and general budgeting information visit MoneySmart.