A better way to donate

Charitizer is a buy/sell site where a percentage of everything goes to your chosen charity.

Charitizer CEO Brady Gunn wanted to give charities an opportunity to tap into the estimated $34 billion-dollar second hand economy, so launched the Charitizer site and app in August.

According to Gumtree’s Second Hand Economy report, Australians hold on to an average of 25 unnecessary items per household, which translates to around $4200. Charitizer aims to convert that unwanted ‘stuff’ into donations which to support vulnerable Aussies.

“Australians are a nation of hoarders, with 89% of the population keeping unwanted or unused items,” Brady said.

“They do typically offload these goods by donating, selling or giving to family or friends, but about 50% of people will throw these items in the rubbish, so why not use Charitizer instead and help your favourite cause?” 

Charitizer is partnering with some big-name charities like the Starlight Foundation, Cancer Council and Guide Dogs Australia to put money in the pockets of those who need it most.

Sellers can choose a cause to donate their sales to and are able to nominate what percentage of their sale will go to their chosen charity. While there are no fees involved in selling your unwanted things, Charitizer does take a 5% commission fee, capped at $50 and a 1.1% transaction fee. What’s great is that if an item doesn’t sell, fees won’t be charged and the item can be put straight back online.

Charitizer also has a function that ranks users through badge ratings. This is connected to Facebook, so friends can see how much has been donated.

“The beauty of it is it that you're able to help those causes close to your heart and it costs you absolutely nothing,” Brady said.