A slice of Italy

Taste authentic Italian cuisine at Pizzantica in Brisbane.

Looking for a good Italian restaurant? Look no further than Pizzantica located at the old Casa Italia Community Centre in New Farm.

This modern Italian restaurant opened in 2016 and has since expanded its cuisine to Eat Street Pizzeria and to other prestigious Queensland events in their popular Pizzantica’s Volkswagen Pizza Kombi.

Head Chef Luca Ferone is an experienced pizzaiolo from Trento, Italy, who has extended his trade into other traditional cuisines including pastas, sides and desserts.

To get a true taste of what diners can expect we interviewed Pizzantica’s Marketing and Business Development Manager Renzo Renda.

Renzo is planning to open a new Italian restaurant in Hawthorne in 2020 which will be an extension of the Pizzantica brand. Keep an eye out for the new restaurant next year.

What do customers love most about your food?

Pizzantica is a place for family, food, love and friendship. Fluent in food (and Italian), we are dedicated to creating memorable occasions. Our customers love that they can indulge in a little slice of Italy in our very casual setting accompanied by our friendly and attentive staff.

Do you have a signature dish?

Pizza is our speciality! We also have a couple of unique offerings that we’ve introduced, these include:

  • Linguine all’ Arancia (prosciutto, parmesan, onion with a hint of citrus and mint)
  • Neglato (a negroni artisan gelato)
  • Ginlato (a lemon and rosemary artisan sorbet with Gin Mare)
  • Our seasonal Moreton Bay Linguine.

What is the most popular pizza on the menu and why?

This title is shared between our Margherita and Capricciosa. The Margherita is popular for its simplicity (it’s the original Napoli style pizza) and the Capricciosa is popular for its well-balanced flavour.

What is the most popular pasta on the menu and why?

Linguine allo Scoglio (Seafood Linguine) – who doesn’t love fresh seafood!

What meals would the chef recommend?

A Prosciutto Crudo pizza paired with a glass of Tuscan Sangiovese followed by a Bombolone (a freshly made Italian doughnut filled with Nutella) accompanied by an espresso.

When did you start cooking pizzas at Eat Street Markets?

We opened our Eat Street Pizzeria in 2016. Here you can try some of our top selling pizzas or a fusion of traditional Italian and local produce (part of our ‘local for locals’ incentive – supporting local to grow local). We currently have an Eat Street exclusive called the ‘Honey Gold’ pizza which has a mango coulis, topped with honey gold mango, macadamia nuts, honey, garnished with mint and icing sugar.

Can you tell us about your Pizzantica Volkswagen Pizza Kombi?

Pizzantica’s Volkswagen Pizza Kombi is Australia’s first mobile pizza apparatus. The Kombi is a 1976 classic that has been fitted with a custom-built, bright red, Pavesi oven and is used for mobile catering. It is hired for private and public events and is extremely popular for weddings, engagements, private parties and festivals.

What types of events do you cater for?

We cater corporate Christmas parties, marketing activations and corporate events. We’ll cater any event with our Kombi, be it private or public. In the last few months some notable events included Ferrari’s Passion Day, Brisbane’s Jacaranda Gin Festival and the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers.

Do you cater for gluten free and vegan customers?

We cater for all dietary requirements. Our Head Chef has recently developed a high-quality gluten free dough which tastes identical to our traditional standard dough.

Do you offer take away?

We certainly do. Our customers can order via telephone, TableTime or UberEats from Casa Italia in New Farm.