A warning to young drivers

 “Be alive at 25.” These simple yet powerful words, have become a war cry in Cindy Klienhan’s plight to help young drivers stay alive.

Cindy’s mission to help the states most at-risk road users, began when she tragically lost her 22-year-old son, Jake Dunn, in 2015.

“Drugs, alcohol, fatigue and speed were not factors,” Cindy said.

“It was an emergency situation where Jake could not regain control of his car through lack of education.”

Cindy believed Jake who had just received his provisional licence was ill-equipped to avoid the accident and is now campaigning for a Youth Driver Educational Centre to be opened at Jake’s former school, Carinity Education Glendyne.

“Focussing on our young drivers and ensuring they are equipped with the correct knowledge and attitude to drive safely on our roads will make our roads a safer journey for everyone,” she said.

Jake is only one, one of many young lives lost on our roads and each life is one too many.

Cindy has also organised Jake’s Memory Drive & Ride at Hervey Bay on 6 May, to honour young people killed on Queensland roads and to raise money for a driving simulator to help the youth learn safe driving skills.

The event will start with a memorial drive from Urangan pier to Carinity Education Glendyne in Nikenbah, which will host markets, food stalls, rides, entertainment, live music, classic cars, road safety expo and more.

If you have concerns about your child’s safety when driving, try RACQ’s Docudrama, a road safety program delivered to Year 11 and 12 students in an effort to begin a conversation about driving behaviours and attitudes.

The program comprises of interactive discussions and a mock car crash scene involving police officers, paramedics and funeral directors.

While confronting, Docudrama allows students to become empowered to make better and informed choice as a driver and passenger and to combat the ‘Fatal Five’ road safety issues; Drink and Drug Driving, Fatigue, Not Wearing a Seatbelt, Speeding and Distraction.

To experience Docudrama and to learn more about what students had to say and common driver behaviours in 2018 listen to our latest podcast.

We release a new podcast each month, with mini-episodes around road safety issues in the weeks in between.

For more information about Jake’s Memory Drive & Ride contact 0432 081 232, email jakes.memory@carinity.org.au.