Airport lounge perks

Four ways to gain access to an airport lounge.

Need an escape from the hustle and bustle of an airport? An airport lounge has everything you need to make a long layover, holiday or business trip more comfortable.

With amenities like complimentary Wi-Fi, food, drinks, glossy magazines, showers, working spaces where you can recharge your devices and comfortable chairs, you are bound to enjoy your next travel experience in peace and quiet.

Here are four ways you can gain access to an airport lounge at domestic and international airports.

Fly first or business class

One of the extra benefits of flying first or business class is that you automatically gain access to your airline’s airport lounge.

Airline membership status

Frequent flyers who travel with one specific airline can build up rewards points and membership status – handy for business travellers. If you struggle to travel with just one airline it might be worthwhile to buy and airport membership through a third party, such as Priority Pass, which gives you access to airport lounges worldwide. 

Credit cards

Many rewards and platinum credit cards offer free or discounted access to airport lounges. While you can buy airport, lounge passes or use your accrued reward points, using your credit card benefits can save you money.

Pay as you go

Even if you are not travelling first or business class, you can buy into the VIP experience in some lounges with a single use entry on the day of travel. Many airlines sell day passes to their airport lounges, allowing you to relax without any long-term financial commitment. You can also buy lounge passes which gives you access to hundreds of airport lounges world-wide.