Are your tyres road trip ready?

New research shows there are an alarming number of unsafe vehicles on Australian roads.

Australian’s attitudes towards tyre and road safety is in a downward spiral according to a damning report by the Australian Road Safety Foundation.

The 2018 Tyre Risk Rating Report found fewer Aussies are regularly replacing worn tyres and performing basic tyre safety checks.

Alarmingly, one in five drivers said they would only replace a dangerous tyre if it was completely flat.

The report found that younger drivers were the most at fault for letting their tyres decay, with 43% of motorists aged 18-24 admitting to knowingly driving on unsafe tyres.

Tyre Puncture

Older motorists were much better in this regard but not perfect, with 15% of motorists aged 65 and over admitting to driving on unsafe tyres.

The findings came despite three in five Australians acknowledging that tyres are one of the most important aspects to staying safe on the road.

Australian Road Safety Foundation founder and CEO Russell White said it was critical that the country’s drivers stepped up and put safety first.

“Tyres are the only thing connecting us to the road, and Australian drivers need to take greater responsibility for maintaining a safe vehicle,” Mr White said.

“I fear that with this continued slip in our safety standards, people are increasingly putting lives at grave risk - and completely unnecessarily.”

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