Aussie-made electric trucks hit the road

Australian-made electric trucks could soon be delivering online shopping to our doors.

Electric trucks that are made in Australia and can be driven by anyone with a regular car licence are set to revolutionise so-called “last-mile” delivery in this country, according to their maker.  

The first example of the electric-powered SEA 300-45 truck rolled off SEA Electric’s Melbourne production line in September, after the company became Australia’s latest Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), gaining Australian Design Rules approval for local volume production of its trucks.

Designed, engineered and assembled in Australia, the 4.5-tonne GVM electric truck is manufactured by SEA Electrics, which specialises in the assembly and electrification of commercial vehicles worldwide, and claims to offer the “world’s first true range of all-electric trucks”. 

The SEA 300-45 is the entry-level truck in a range that goes through to a 22.5-tonne three-axle configuration. 

New Australian-made electric truck, SEA 300-45.

SEA Electric claims the truck’s patented power system offers maximum power and torque ratings of 127kW and 700Nm, giving it ideal performance characteristics for stop-start city traffic.
Featuring an 88kWh battery, the truck has an unladen range of up to 250km with a fast-charging time of under two hours. 

Its tare weight of 2.5 tonnes results in an allowance of 2 tonnes for its body and freight, the company said. 

"In recent times, the transport industry has seen massive development in the last mile delivery sector, fuelled by the growth of demand for online shopping," said SEA Electric President – Asia Pacific Bill Gillespie.

New Australian-made electric truck, SEA 300-45.
"We're particularly proud of the SEA 300-45; it ticks many boxes for fleets who want to show leadership in environmental sustainability moving forward.
"Obviously, being capable of (being) driven on a car licence makes it is easier to attract and retain staff, and those drivers are to utilise a noise, fume and vibration-free work environment.
"With the silent operation of the truck, converting to EVs creates opportunities to beat noise curfews moving forward, with residences and businesses along delivery routes also big winners.

New Australian-made electric truck, SEA 300-45.
"The range of the SEA 300-45 is also a strong suite, and when coupled with its fast charging capability, the trucks can slot in seamlessly to existing fleets.
"It’s exciting that our assembly line now produces the world’s first true range of all-electric trucks, continuing the drive to an all-electric future.” .