Baby turtles back in Brisbane

Family favourites returns to World Science Festival.

The World Science Festival Brisbane will return to our capital city on 24-28 March to celebrate science and human resilience.

Now in its sixth year, the festival’s 2021 program aims to answer one of the biggest questions facing humanity: “How does science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) hold the key to overcoming current and future challenges for the good of all people and our planet?”

For the first time, an innovative series of online events has been curated to reach science fans across the country, including a 24-hour livestream of the popular turtle hatchery.

World Science Festival Brisbane is the only global extension of New York’s acclaimed science-meets-arts event.

World Science Festival co-founder and renowned physicist Professor Brian Greene will premiere his new film, Until the End of Time, live from New York on the festival’s opening night.

Prof. Greene said the film would take audiences on a journey from the big bang to the end of time. 

“I’m looking forward to connecting virtually with the audience as we respond to a world where, now more than ever, it’s important to use scientific thinking to solve some of the greatest problems facing us today,” Prof. Greene said. 

“Since 2016, it has been a highlight of the year to join you in Brisbane for the annual Festival. 

“In this year of extreme challenges, while I can’t be there in person, I’m pleased to be part of this celebration of science and to help shine a light on how science touches all our lives and is vital to our collective future.”

The festival will again provide regional Queenslanders the opportunity to get involved locally.

Programs designed to engage communities will be unique to each location and will offer a selection of science activities and discussions with leading scientists, and workshops.

Top five World Science Festival events

  • The Turtle Hatchery: Watch baby loggerhead turtles hatching from eggs that are incubated onsite and timed to emerge during the festival. Plus, you can tune into a 24-hour livestream of turtles hatching.
  • Why trust a scientist? In an age when fake news and misinformation can go viral, there is probably no better time to ask why should we trust scientists? To find out the answer join Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and a panel of experts for this timely and provocative discussion.
  • The pulse of the pandemic: Join a discussion among Australia’s top experts as they examine the COVID-19 outbreak, the near misses that came before it and the likely scenarios of another pandemic.
  • A lighter side of Science: When you combine a late-night variety show with trivia, comedy and bizzarro science stuff, you’re in for an unforgettable evening of mind-boggling, jaw-aching, simulated science silliness.
  • The science of beer: Join Beer Matt and Dr Joel as they talk about what makes beer taste like beer, the secrets of brewing, whether there’s a right way to drink a beer and why bubbles go down in a glass of Guinness.