Bring technology into the kitchen

Create new recipes and transform your cooking routine with these gadgets.

Coming home from work and having to cook yourself dinner can be draining some days. As much as we would all love to eat out or order takeaway seven days a week, our body and bank may not be too supportive of the idea. The modern gadgets listed below can help any cook achieve their meal prep goals and make time in the kitchen more exciting.

Blender or food processor

No kitchen is complete without a blender of some kind. This must-have is perfect for pureeing whole foods quickly, particularly cooked vegetables into a soup. Blenders are great at preparing quick nutrient-dense meals. For example, throw a mix of fruits with coconut water or natural yoghurt, blend and drink on the go. Blenders are also great for preparing smoothies, juices, soups, mixed drinks, desserts, or even chopping herbs.

Soda machines

Not only are soft drinks full of sugar, they are terrible for the environment. Unfortunately, a cold glass of water does not taste anywhere near as delicious or satisfying as bubbly drinks. Soda machines can inject liquid into any flat liquid, making it the perfect replacement. Best of all, these kitchen appliances are extremely cost-effective, transforming everyday tap water in mere minutes. You can also add natural fruit juice or tasty syrups to create a sweeter flavour. Give yourself the power to monitor your sugar and plastic intake and find out how you can eliminate more plastics from your kitchen here.

Pizza oven

You will never need another pizza delivery once you purchase your own pizza oven. A rotating pizza oven will often feature a ceramic stone base large enough for a standard 12-inch pizza. The base is guaranteed to be crispy and the cheese will be perfectly melted. You no longer need to look at pizza as being an unhealthy or cheat meal, create and mix up your own healthy toppings. Change out your pizza night by making your very own cauliflower pizza bases.

Food dehydrator

A digital food dehydrator is perfect for making healthy snacks at home that your whole family will love. Dehydrated snacks found in stores are often laden with preservatives to lengthen their shelf life. A common additive in store-bought products is sulphur dioxide. It may cause side effects when taken in high dosages. By making your own, you can cut out all the nasty preservatives. If you are wanting to try dehydrated fruit, you first have to learn how to cut fruit like a professional.

Vacuum sealer

When food is exposed to air it begins to oxidise, this means it starts to slowly go off. By investing in a quality vacuum sealer, you can retain the freshness by simply keeping the air out. The appliance seals the food in storage bags and can be used to preserve meat, fish and fresh vegetables. You seal these products before freezing to prevent freezer burn while also retaining flavour and nutrients.