Road trip battery checks

Be aware of these common car battery myths before hitting the road.

Many Queenslanders love packing the car and setting off on road trips.

Before you go, though, it’s essential to check your vehicle.

Battery failure can occur at the most inopportune times, so plan ahead and book a battery check to start your road trip off right.

Once you’re ready to set off, be aware of these common battery myths.

1. After leaving the lights on and consequently flattening the battery, you can recharge it by going for a drive.

This is a myth. Doing this will only ‘surface’ charge the battery and doing this continuously will result in a shortened battery life and could void your battery warranty.

2. If you won’t be driving your car for a few weeks you should disconnect the battery.

This is false — not only will disconnecting the battery not prolong its life it can also cause systems which require constant power – alarms, steering, transmission and electronics – to stop working even when the battery is reconnected.

3. A flat battery can affect fuel economy.

This is true, as a car’s alternator will automatically try to recharge a flat battery. As a result, the car will burn through fuel faster.

4. Batteries last longer in warmer climates.

This is false. RACQ batteries have been specifically designed for the Queensland climate, however extreme heat and humidity do play a role in reducing the lifespan of your battery

5. Batteries have a set lifespan.

This is false, as how long a battery lasts depends on how often the car is used, the climate, proper installation as well as car and battery maintenance. If your car battery is three years or older, it is best to have it tested to avoid a possible breakdown.

RACQ patrols can check your battery 24/7 and if there is an issue, replace and install a new battery on the spot and recycle your old one. Plus, members receive $25 off the RRP on batteries.

For more information on batteries visit the website or call 13 1905.