Car-buying hacks revealed in new podcast

RACQ Living’s podcasts tell you everything you need to know about motoring.

When the opportunity to create a motoring podcast series came along, it made sense for RACQ to jump on it.

The RACQ Living podcast series, hosted by Pop Up Radio Australia’s Anthony Frangi, provides all the information you need to know about motoring to enjoy on the go.

Over the episodes produced so far, our panel of RACQ experts and special guests have discussed:

  • Protecting your car during storm season.
  • The dangers of kids and pets locked in cars.
  • How Queensland fuel prices stack up to other states.
  • The best time to buy car.
  • Driver distractions.
  • How advertising can influence what car you buy.
  • Speed camera myths.
  • Is there a danger of running your fuel tank low?

Each podcast is structured differently to deliver news, stories, opinions and conversations to listeners across Queensland. Best of all, the stream of podcasts will reveal exclusive content from RACQ experts.
Listeners can subscribe to the RACQ Living podcast on SoundCloud or iTunes.

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