Celebrate World Chocolate Day at Brisbane’s chocolate festival.

In celebration of World Chocolate Day, Portside Wharf is hosting Brisbane’s chocolate festival, ChocFest, on Sunday 7 July from 10am to 2pm.

Treat your friends and family to a fun day filled with pop-up chocolate stalls selling decadent desserts, chocolate cocktails, hot chocolates and more. There will be live music, free face painting and balloon sculpting for the kids.

Things to look forward to at ChocFest

  • Chocolate nachos and chocolate churros tacos from Burrito Bar.
  • Honeycomb crumble shakes from Hello Harry.
  • Chocolate sambousek from Byblos.
  • Chocolate biscotti and cannoli from Belvedere Bar N Grill.
  • Hand-made chocolate desserts from Cruisers Alfresco.
  • Triple chocolate brownie, salted caramel chocolate tart, Cherry Ripe slice, Italian hot chocolate from Cruisers Alfresco.  
  • Nutella pizza with banana and coconut ice cream or fresh strawberries and vanilla bean ice cream from Gusto da Gianni.

For those looking for cocktails, Byblos will be serving up two special chocolate cocktails on the day including a Dark Desire with chocolate, mint and cream and a Milky Bar Martini with white chocolate and cream.

Plus, Gusto Da Gianni will be serving their Dark Chocolate Borghetti Cocktail, a specialty Italian coffee liqueur with dark chocolate ice cream. 

For movie lovers, Dendy Cinemas Portside are showing a special screening of the classic French film Chocolat at 2pm where you can indulge in their limited-edition chocolate brownie with chocolate custard choc top from the candy bar.