Don't get stung

The Queensland Police will be bringing a fleet of 50 Kia Stingers to our roads between July and December.

Queensland drivers need to take note. The Queensland Police will be bringing a fleet of 50 Kia Stingers to our roads between July and December. The new high-performance twin-turbo V6 Stinger 330 models have already begun service with QPS Road Policing Command as an on-going replacement for the familiar hi-po Holden and Ford pursuit vehicles, following cessation of their local production. They will be deployed across Queensland and be fitted with the extensive high-tech equipment modern policing demands, including number plate recognition.

It will be the first foreign-made car to be used by QPS for this duty. Swearing the Stinger into police service followed an extensive QPS evaluation process aimed at picking the best equipment for the job. Assistant Commissioner (Road Policing Command) Mike Keating said of the evaluation process “It started with the desktop evaluation, then a track performance evaluation and then the operational evaluation conducted in real-world conditions.”

“The final overall evaluation and review included the very important aspect of maintenance and cost. The Stinger performed very well in all areas and we had nothing but top reports from all the field officers.”

Police Minister, Mark Ryan, commented that investing in the Stingers for pursuit vehicle duties wasn’t a difficult decision bearing in mind what the experts had to say and how efficiently the car had changed minds and perceptions of those exposed to it. The Minister was confident it was “the best equipment for those at the coal face”. QPS’s top brass, Commissioner Ian Stewart, described the service’s latest high-performance acquisitions as “a wonderful product”.

For Kia Australia it’s a very important fleet conquest and valuable for the brand’s image. Kia Motors Australia Chief Operating Officer, Damien Meredith, described it as “a watershed moment for the brand”. He went on to say that “This level of public exposure and endorsement from a high-profile government utility is something which wouldn’t have been on the radar just a few years ago.”

While NSW has entered into agreements with BMW and Chrysler for supply of vehicles, the Stinger and other Kia models including Sorento, are being evaluated for various duties by other police services across the country.

Don’t get stung.