Five steps to a great financial plan

Tips for a great financial plan.

Follow these five steps to wealth creation and build your future on the strongest financial foundations:

  1. Goals will keep you motivated. Set goals that are meaningful to you and prioritise and schedule them.
  2. Planning will give you a roadmap. Break each goal down into easy steps and come up with an action plan based on these steps.
  3. A budget will boost your savings. Take stock of your current financial position (income, expenses) and look for ways to save on essentials (food, utilities). Set a budget for extras (holidays, entertainment).
  4. Insurance and savings will protect your wealth. Your income is your biggest asset and worth insuring. Save 3 to 6 months' salary for emergencies. With savings and risk insurance in place, you can avoid resorting to expensive credit cards and loans if you have short-term financial issues.
  5. Investing will give you a new source of income. Start investing early to benefit from compound interest. Choose investments to suit your finances, goals and needs. Get professional advice.


Adapted from the Financial Planning Association of Australia’s Money & Life eBook and reproduced with permission. Please also read the RACQ Bank disclaimer below.

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