Great outdoor gear for dogs

There are always new and refined products available to owners wanting to pamper their pets. Here are some of the latest for dog lovers.

Ezydog Click

The safest way to travel in the car with your dog is to properly restrain him or her. Ezydog’s Click Adjustable Car Restraint has been designed to prevent driver distraction as well as canine passenger interference while on the road.

It easily attaches straight from your dog’s harness into the existing seat belt clip of your car. The restraint is adjustable so suitable for different-sized dogs and allows flexibility for movement in the car. It works with most modern cars, though it’s not suitable for Volvos.

Ruffwear Web Master Harness

The Ruffwear Web Master Harness is an innovative, three-point harness that is great for a variety of purposes including hiking, scrambling, mobility assistance and rehabilitation.

It is the preferred working dog harness used by many avalanche rescue dog teams, military dogs, police dogs and sniffer dogs. You’ll find it useful if your dog is a Houdini that manages to get out of traditional harnesses, as it’s nearly impossible to escape the Web Master. This design also provides security and support for three-legged dogs.

Ruffwear Brush Guard

Protect your dog’s underbelly with Ruffwear’s Brush Guard. It’s an optional add-on to the Ruffwear Web Master Harness range. The guard protects your dog’s chest and belly from abrasion and provides support when lifting by dispersing the dog’s weight.

Doggles’ UV-absorbent dog sunglasses

Apart from adding a touch of street cool, sunglasses protect your dog from eye disease, just like they do for humans. Research has shown that long hours in the sun without adequate eye protection increase the chances of developing eye disease. Doggles’ UV-absorbent dog sunglasses can help protect your dog’s eyes from sun damage.

For dogs with the increasingly common eye disease, Pannus, Doggles are proving very useful. Dogs with Pannus should stay out of direct sun and be protected from UV light. These sunglasses are a great alternative for dogs that can’t stay inside during the day. They are also shatterproof and provide protection from wind and debris. Whether your dog rides in a sidecar, on a motorcycle, or in the back of a pickup, he/she needs eye protection.

Aussie Dog Home Alone

If you can’t take your dog on your next adventure, the Aussie Dog Home Alone toy will to keep him active and entertained at home. It also means your dog won’t destroy your prize plants or opt for furniture as a chew toy. This super tough bungy tug-of-war toy springs back up when released so your dog will be enticed to try to catch it again. For extra stimulation,you can add food in the ball which will rattle and dispense during play.