High-tech helpers

From buildings that breathe to watches that watch over you, the future is looking healthier thanks to new technology.


Wheelie helps

Wheelie is a character in an educational Ballyland game app designed for children with vision impairment. It teaches them how to use a touch tablet or smart phone. Developed by Queensland-based Sonokids, the app is one in a series that supports skill development in children. Wheelie likes to race around with his engine roaring and occasionally ‘virtually’ crashes into a rubbish bin.

The Junglefy Breathing Wall

Green walls are an attractive addition to building décor, but now they can also be a healthy one. The Junglefy Breathing Wall is an active, modular green-wall system scientifically proven to accelerate the removal of air pollutants, such as carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds. The system is ventilated via a fan, which creates a uniform airflow across the plants and the growing medium, increasing the rate of carbon dioxide drawn down and the volume of air that can be filtered and cooled by each module. This innovative system combines technology with nature, resulting in an improved environment.



Did you know that taking your blood pressure can actually be fun? Qardio is a small, stylish and portable device that is simple to use and said to be medically accurate. Much easier than old-style cuff monitors, Qardio links to your smart phone via an app and collects data that is easy to share with your doctor. Colour-coded graphs in the app show your results in meaningful ways.