How to get the P-plate experience as a learner driver

Discover the keys to driving confidently and safely on your own.

If you’ve got your L-plates you’re probably already dreaming of the day you get your Ps and can go for a drive all on your own or pick up your mates to hit the drive-through.

But there’s a big difference between having mum, dad, or a driving instructor on hand as a second pair of eyes, or to guide you through a tricky spot, and having to make every driving decision by yourself. 

Building the skills and confidence to plan your own route and make quick decisions is an often-overlooked part of driving lessons because the supervisor or instructor calls the shots.

Keys2Drive was developed to help you get the P-plate experience of making safe driving choices “in the moment” when faced with distractions, hazards and unfamiliar places, all while you’re still on your Ls. 

The program will help you to take control in your 100 hours of driving and build the skills and confidence to plan your own route, make quick decisions and drive safely. 

It includes a free lesson for both the learner driver and their supervisor delivered by a licensed driving instructor.

You’ll learn how your supervisor can help you to take control of your lessons so you can get that P-plate experience of making decisions and become a safe driver.

Year 11 student Alex Abel said the Keys2Drive lesson helped him feel more confident when his parents were supervising his 100 hours of driving.

“The driving instructors are more experienced and they aren't as anxious as your parents” Alex said. 

“I didn't feel nervous having dad watching and it helped me work out what I can do, not just how Dad does it.”

Alex’s dad Trevor said Keys2Drive reminded him of what it’s like to be a learner driver.

“I've been driving for a long time now without any accidents or anything but I probably have bad habits so we thought would get a professional in,” Trevor said.

“I probably am a bit more observant after teaching him because there’s all these little things that you do all the time that you don't even think about but, because I've been teaching Alex, I've had to be more conscious of what I'm doing.”

Learning to drive should be a good experience for everyone involved and each drive should take you one step closer to developing the skills you need to take control and safely handle all the challenges you’ll face as a P-plate driver. 

Get your free Keys2Drive lesson.