How to stay connected on a long road trip

Keep up to date with life at home while travelling on the road.

Life on the road can get lonely, especially if you are travelling by yourself to regional areas where there is limited phone reception available. To keep in touch with others during your travels we have gathered ways to stay connected on the road.

Public Wi-Fi hotspots

There are many locations across Australia which offer free Wi-Fi including airports, libraries, accommodation providers and most cafés and restaurants. One of the downfalls of accessing public Wi-Fi is that the internet speed is generally slower than normal and there could be a limit on how much you can download.

Mobile data

Some travellers may decide to rely solely on their mobile phone data plan, however, phone reception is limited in remote areas of Australia. Using a personal hotspot on your mobile phone can also drain your phone’s battery and data limit which can become expensive.

UHF radio

If you are planning a long road trip with a group where you plan to go off road or in remote areas, it is highly recommended to have a Ultra High Frequency (UHF) radio fitted to your car or have a UHF handheld radio with you. UHF radio frequencies are freely available for all Australians to use. UHF radios allow drivers to communicate with each other for navigation, updates on traffic or road conditions, highway updates and for emergencies. They are great for groups travelling in a convoy or through National Parks where there could be blind spots. Different channels are allocated for different users.

Satellite phones

In extremely remote areas, such as Cape York in far north Queensland, there is limited mobile phone coverage available. If travelling to remote areas in Australia carry a satellite phone for emergencies. Satellite phones, also known as sat phones, connect to orbiting satellites rather than cell towers on the ground. Be sure to research the best option for your needs and travel plans.


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