International tourists are choosing to caravan

Aussies are not the only ones who love to caravan and camp around our country.

New data from the Caravan Industry Association of Australia has revealed that more international visitors are choosing to caravan and camp around Australia. 

Caravan Industry Association of Australia General Manager Keelan Howard said 132,000 international caravan and camping visitors came to Queensland for the year ending June 2018.

“With more than 1.5 million nights spent by these visitors in the state, this marks an 18% increased in visitors since 2014,” Mr Howard said.

While there has be an increase of visitors over the years, there is still a trend for shorter stays in Australia

“The primary reason behind this was the softening of western markets who generally travel further and stay longer in regional Australia,” Mr Howard said.

“Markets such as the UK and Germany, as well as the US market (who have high product awareness), have declined in visitor nights spent in Australia. 

“This highlights the importance of connecting the caravan and camping product to the new growth markets out of Asia, such as China, who are increasingly seeking authentic ‘Aussie’ experiences.”

Caravan and camping visitors from China to Australia increased by 62% from 2017, making it our 9th biggest international market with substantial growth potential.