Lagom - the new trend in interiors

According to popular design magazines, Lagom-styled interiors are taking over designer homes around the world.

According to popular design magazines, Lagom-styled interiors are taking over designer homes around the world.

Lagom is the Swedish word for ‘just the right amount’. Many interior designers have included Lagom principles in their own work, making this trend one to watch.

The concept is based on creating the perfect balance between work, social life, finance and wellbeing. Designers are adopting these principles, ditching the clutter and creating a simpler, more curated style.

The concept of the trend is so simple anyone can adopt elements of Lagom into their own interior today.

Simple colour palette

Edit your room’s palette to include just a few colours that work harmoniously together. By picking a simple colour scheme you will be able to find colours that adopt the ‘not too much and not too little’ concept.

By altering your colour scheme you will be able to change the overall feel of the space, from using warm red-based shades to soft cooling greys. No matter the colours, the principle of Lagom will help you establish a simple yet elegant tone.


A key element of Lagom is balance. To carry this element across your design you will need to consider the purpose and use of the room. Creating balance involves more than aesthetics. It includes room flow, as well as supporting its intended use.

For example, if you prefer a certain chair for reading, ensure the area is adequately lit, there is enough space surrounding the area for comfort, and so forth. Other factors may include ensuring you can easily move about the room without needing to squeeze past furnishings.

Meeting these practical needs without over-complicating the design of a room is an important feature of Lagom interiors.

This element inspires designers to embrace and allow the natural beauty of materials and quality work to speak for themselves. Achieve this by finding simple shapes that offer maximum impact with minimal fuss, making an understatement. This approach is effective with woven natural materials, raw oak and soft cotton.


Lagom recommends living a simpler life. You can account for this by choosing accessories you love that will also stand the test of time. Find items that mimic classic shapes or use elegant materials, meaning you will want to display and look at them forever.

If you are struggling to find accessories that are timeless, look for products featuring natural greenery, ceramics and elegant glassware. These items are likely to balance bareness and clutter. Additionally, including plants within your design aligns well with Lagom principles — sustainability and natural beauty.

Freestanding baths are also trending in the design world and their simplistic look and beauty make them a perfect addition to Lagom interiors. However, there are a number of factors you need to consider before you purchase one.