Let there be light!

Top winter lighting trends to illuminate your home.

Winter is here so now is the time to assess your home lighting and the impact it can have on both the look and feel of your abode. From pendants to floor lamps and everything in between, it can be overwhelming to choose from the abundance of options available. Porter Davis has compiled a handy guide on selecting lighting to ensure your interior shines bright all year round.

Below are expert tips on incorporating the most trend-worthy lighting into your home from World of Style by Porter Davis Homes Lead Interior Designer Janelle Miles.

Make a statement with pendants

Selecting the perfect pendant light is an easy way to transform a room by creating an attractive focal point and there are so many exciting designs in the market at the moment. A trend that we’re loving - and incorporating in our displays - is woven and wicker style pendants, not only in resort style homes but everywhere. Distinctive lighting shapes in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or walkways are a great way to really make a room shine. Try styling with natural fibres, rope, industrial-look materials, unique shapes or single pendants to bring your home to life.

Add height to your room with a floor lamp

Oversized lighting is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. You won’t hear any of Porter Davis’ interior designers complaining as we love styling bedrooms and living spaces with floor lamps. Choose an oversized floor lamp to add height to your living room or opt for one bedside table lamp and a floor lamp on the opposite side of the bed. This balances the amount of light shining from each lamp and creates a cosy feel. Contemporary dark or matte tones with brass and marble finishes are trending this year. Keep in mind that the design should be simple and not draw from the space but instead act as the ingredient holding the recipe together.

Use textured lighting to style your space

Styling is often done by adding a pot plant in the corner of the room or cushions and throws on furniture but the most important aspect is often forgotten - the lighting. Introducing natural textures through the lighting selection, whether it be a pendant, floor lamp or table lamp, can change the whole aesthetic of a room. Natural textures inject warmth from the outside world through the use of sustainable or recycled timber, cane and rattan. Not only are these materials on trend, but they create textured patterns on the walls as the light shines through.

Set the mood with luxurious lamination

You step into a dimmed living space and a sense of relaxation and comfort immediately takes over. Lighting has the power to impact the ambiance of any type of room. Creating a luxurious, resort-style feel through dramatic dimmer lighting in bedrooms and bathrooms can transform the home into a personal paradise. Downlighting above artwork and backlighting of mirrors is a hot trend we’re incorporating throughout our displays to create a sophisticated vibe.

Dark and dynamic lighting

Dark, matte tones with brass finishes speak industrial and are in vogue this year. Globe lighting continues to be a popular for statement pieces, especially in the dining area. Industrial-style lighting with mesh, glass and brass textures, work well with a range of contemporary aesthetics and provides dramatic contrast against classic styles.

Organic light

Natural light is the healthiest way to create an airy and bright home, even in the peak of winter. Clever positioning of skylights and windows, such as using a window as a kitchen splashback or incorporating skylights in bathrooms, is a great way to make a room feel open and vibrant. Not only does natural light make you feel more connected with the outdoors, it also freshens up a space.
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By Porter Davis Homes World of Style Lead Interior Designer, Janelle Miles