Minisode - Celebrity Motorcycle Fanatic

Celebrity enters motorcycle into RACQ's Top Model competition.

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Nine news presenter and motorcycle enthusiast Andrew Lofthouse entered RACQ's Top Model competition. We catch up with him to discuss his life long passion for Ducati motorcycles.



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Anthony Frangi: Winners in the RACQ Top Model Competition were recently announced, with the prized entries on show at MotorFest on July 15. One of the entrants to the competition was Nine News Presenter and motorcycle enthusiast, Andrew Lofthouse. G'day, Andrew.

Andrew Lofthouse: G'day, Anthony. Great to talk to you.

Anthony Frangi: You've been a motorcycle enthusiast for a long time, in fact, for as long as I can remember. What do you love about it?

Andrew Lofthouse: I have very fond memories of my father taking my brother and I to watch motorbike racing when I was very little. He was always a fan. He was a motorcyclist as well in his younger years. So, I guess, that's where the bug came from for me. I mean, the early impressions of going to see motorbike racing was the speed, obviously the excitement of it, but also the noise and the smell and all of that action. And then just, I guess, the interest in the different designs and what they looked like and then learning how they worked. Then, when I had my first motorcycle, just getting that feeling, that sort of unique feeling, of the two wheels and an engine, and the elements around you. It's such a wonderful sensation, and a wonderful way to travel. It's a lovely feeling to be ... I guess it sounds like a bit of a cliché, but almost at one with the motorbike.

Andrew Lofthouse: It's a beautiful way to move and being that they have a good power to weight ratio, because they're small, you're able to move, accelerate quickly. That feels good and it's good for the adrenaline. It's good to clear your head, and it becomes, well, for me, it's become a lifelong passion.

Anthony Frangi: And where were you the very first time you got on a bike?

Andrew Lofthouse: The very first time I'd gone on a bike was on a property in South Australia, at my uncle's place in South Australia. My cousin, who's about the same age as me, we were very, very young boys, and he had a minibike. That was the first one that I actually got to sit on and ride and learn how to use the throttle and all that kind of thing. So, pretty soon after that, when I was a little bit older, I got my first ... I had my first motorbike when I was 12, and then from then on, my parents said, "look, if you're going to ride motorbikes, you better learn how to do it properly, and we'll join a club and race motocross." So, that's how I got into motocross as a teenager and went on from there.

Anthony Frangi: As we've been talking about this Top Model Competition that the RACQ holds, you entered this with your current motorbike.

Andrew Lofthouse: I've got a 900SS Ducati and I fell in love with Ducatis very early on, probably when Dad was taking us to watch them racing. I think I loved the sound of them before I even knew what they looked like. They've got that, you know, wonderful, twin-throated growl. The 900SS I have now is a 93 model, so it's not old. It's not a classic yet, but it's not a new one. I love the look of those and the older bikes that take a little bit of looking after and don't have all of the modern features like ABS and cruise and all of that kind of thing. It's just a pretty, kind of pure, motorcycling experience. I just think they're beautiful-looking machines, and I've joined an owner's club, so it's nice to be able to share that passion with other like-minded people, and ride with them.

Andrew Lofthouse: And yeah, that photograph is on one of the rides that I do up in the hinterland behind the Sunshine Coast, where there's just such a beautiful way to ride the hills and get away from everything. I thought, yeah, why don't I send that in, because it's kind of nice to share your love for the things with other people, so yeah, I thought I'd send that in.

Anthony Frangi: Well, thank you for joining us today on the RACQ Living podcast, Andrew. Keep up the good work and happy motoring, as they say.

Andrew Lofthouse: You too, Anthony. Nice to talk to you. Thank you.

Anthony Frangi: If you would like more information on any of the stories raised today, email us at I'm Anthony Frangi. Join me next time for more RACQ Living.