Motorcycle review: CF Moto 300NK

The CFMoto 300NK is the cheapest 300cc learner bike in Australia yet is a willing partner even out on the highway.

The CFMoto 300NK is powered by a new 300cc water-cooled, single-cylinder engine with 25kW of power in its lithe 151kg frame.

It’s an extremely flexible little engine with capable power delivery around town and passable passing abilities on the highway where it revs at 5700rpm in sixth. The only time it starts to run out of puff is up steep hills.

With a 12.5-litre tank and excellent fuel economy, you could ride this bike much more than 300km on one fill.

The EFI engine has a balance shaft and a sixth gear to reduce vibration. After a long ride, I felt only a slight tingle in my fingers and none in my toes, thanks to the rubber-topped foot pegs.

There was also little vibration through the mirrors which are big and wide for plenty of good rear vision. They are no wider than the reasonably wide bars, so lane filtering is fine on this narrow bike. 

CFMoto 300NK

The whole bike feels very narrow, including the 795mm seat which makes it easy for most riders to get a foot on the ground. The pillion seat is removable with a key, but there is little space underneath. The rider seat is removable with a spanner.

This is a highly manoeuvrable motorcycle in traffic and tight spaces thanks to its smooth fuelling, light weight and narrow frame. The six-speed transmission is slick and faultless with no false neutrals and neutral easy to select when stopped.

Braking is handled by Spanish J Juan brake callipers and a Continental Dual Channel ABS controller. They are strong with reasonable feel in both the lever and pedal, but the front fades under heavy braking.

Suspension may be rudimentary, but it is quite capable. as the bike is so light. Heavier riders may have trouble and the forks can get jittery over high-frequency bumps. I’m 183mm tall and found the riding position quite neutral, except the pegs are fairly high which cramped my legs. They could easily be dropped down a bit as it has plenty of cornering clearance.

Modern features include a full-colour TFT instrumentation panel with convenient gearshift indicator, LED headlight, lockable fuel cap and daytime running lights. The instruments are easy to read in most lighting conditions, although they can reflect the sun’s glare at certain angles.

You can also choose between a traditional analogue-style display or digital representation.
Interestingly, they include “Sport” and “Rain” engine modes, but they are not active … yet! That feature is expected in future models. The controls are basic and a bit cheap, but tactile and function fine. Despite being made in China, fit and finish is close to Japanese standard.

Despite the test bike developing an occasional coolant leak that was put down to an ill-fitting cap, I found the bike strong and reliable. Novices will find it easy and enjoyable to ride and useful in most road situations.

At this bargain price, it would also make a great second bike for commuting to keep the kilometres down on your prized bike.

  • Price: $4990 ride away
  • Warranty: 2yrs/unlimited km
  • Engine: 292.4cc 4-stroke, liquid cooled, 4-valve, DOHC single-cylinder
  • Power: 25kW @ 7200rpm
  • Torque: 20.5Nm @ 8800rpm
  • Gearbox: 6-speed
  • Weight: 151kg
  • Front/rear: Suspension Upside down telescopic fork/ Mid positioned monoshock
  • Front/rear: brakes 300mm disc, twin-piston calliper, ABS/245mm disc, single-piston calliper, ABS

CFMoto 300NK