Queensland becomes the espresso martini capital

New research reveals the trends and habits of Queensland's coffee lovers.

Queenslanders’ love of coffee has gone beyond the morning pick-me-up, according to a new report on the nation’s drinking habits. 

Tia Maria and the Coffee Futures Report revealed that Queenslanders are ordering more espresso martinis on a night out than any other state, drinking 43% of Australia’s total consumption.

Tia Maria Brand Ambassador Mark Hickey said the findings supported what they were already observing.

“People’s love for coffee, and coffee cocktails, is at an all-time high,” Mr Hickey said.

"As a coffee loving nation, craft cocktail culture is taking many of its cues from coffee culture and vice versa, so it’s no wonder drinkers are looking to what’s next as they demand new and exciting flavour profiles.”

With one in four Australians admitting that they can’t survive a day without coffee, it’s no surprise that one in three consumers aged 22-34 years want to see more coffee houses serving alcohol.

Drinks International statistics show that the espresso martini as the number nine best- selling cocktail globally and the national cocktail of Australia.

The Tia Maria Coffee Cocktail Futures report predicts that in the next 10 years a new global coffee cocktail culture will break out with coffee being used more and more as an essential ingredient in cocktails.

David Jameson from Union Hand Roasted Coffee said the mixture makes a lot of sense.

“You can get different coffees from the same farm, region and country, and you pair those with tonic as a lengthener and a mixer and that really makes a lot of sense,” Mr Jameson said. 

“Where the Espresso Martini took the coffee cocktail to a night out in a cocktail bar, mixing with tonic transports it to a daytime barbecue or quick after work drink.”