Reduce the use of tech at home

A digital detox can be one of the healthiest things you do on a regular basis.

Many people are addicted to smartphones and tablets, often at the expense of communicating with friends and family.

There is now a growing body of research comparing social media addiction and internet use with drug addiction. Digital detox centres have been established to help people overcome their digital addiction. Here are a few tips to help you put down your devices and enjoy some of the simple things in life.

  • Get outdoors

    This can mean going for a walk around your suburb, or even a hike in the bush. You can go to the beach, a park or just head out into your backyard and sit quietly with a book.
  • Dine without screens

    Make it a rule in your home that nobody eats with a mobile phone in their hand or at the table. Create a space where all phones are charged or stored during meals. Encourage conversation while dining or put the radio on for background music.
  • Print reading materials

    Reading from a screen for long periods is worse for your eyes than reading a book or newspaper. Consider ditching the e-reader and buy a novel or print an article before reading it.
  • Watch the big screen

    Rather than hiding away from the family with headphones and a movie on a small screen, watch a movie together on a large screen. Make it a movie night and cook some popcorn or other snacks. Dim the lights, put a rug across your lap and really get involved in the movie.
  • Make bedrooms screen-free zones

    Establish a charging area for your devices away from the bedrooms. Do not let children or teenagers use a smartphone in their bedroom, particularly after hours. They can end up texting until the early hours of the morning and be too tired to learn in class.
  • Have a games night

    Get the board games out of the cupboard and have a fun night in. Make a specific night, like Friday, a games night. Everyone plays, and you can add to the fun with special food treats for winners.