Road rules you didn't know you were breaking

Play your music too loud? Honk your horn for the wrong reasons? It could cost you.

We’ve been warned about the penalties for speeding and drink driving, but you can also be fined for playing music too loud or driving in the middle or right lanes for too long.

Here’s a list of Queensland road rules you might not know you’re breaking.

Sleeping in a vehicle while drunk (even with the car turned off)

There is no law against sleeping in your car but you may be required to provide evidence that you had no intention of driving. Napping in the driver’s seat of a vehicle in some states can be considered reason enough to prosecute.

  • Qld penalty: $1400 and up to 10-months licence suspension.

Playing loud music

While pushing your cars stereo to its limits may seem like a fun idea, it can burn a hole in your pocket. If you ignore a verbal warning or instructions from police to turn the volume down, you may be slapped with a hefty fine.

  • Qld penalty: $175.

Flashing lights to warn other drivers of speed cameras

Warning other drivers isn’t prohibited but dipping your lights to warn them is an offence as it could dazzle the approaching driver.

  • Qld penalty: $50 and one demerit point.

Not keeping left

The basic rule of driving on a motorway has always been to stay left unless overtaking. While you can drive in the middle or right lane at any time, you may incur a fine for staying in that lane when the left is clear.

  • Qld penalty: $66 and two demerit points.

Driving too slowly

Drivers everywhere know they can be fined for speeding but motorists can also be fined for driving too slowly. Driving too far below the speed limit is an offence as it can be considered obstructing the path of another car.

  • Qld penalty: Court imposed fine.

Being an inattentive driver

 If you’re trying to eat, drink, fix your makeup or are just distracted from the road, you can be fined for inattention.

  • Qld penalty: Court appointed fine and up to three demerit points.

Passenger holding a baby while you drive

The driver is responsible for ensuring everyone in the car is safely secured. All children under the age of four are required to use an appropriate child restraint.

  • Qld penalty: Up to $500 and three demerit points. (Double demerits if caught twice)

Failing to use lights

It is unsafe to drive at night or in severe weather without lights, particularly in rural areas or those with little to no street lighting.

  • Qld penalty: $130 and one demerit point.

Dirty number plates

Cars get dirty, it’s a fact of life, but drivers must ensure that their number plates are always readable or face a hefty fine.

  • Qld penalty: $341.

Parking on a footpath

While it’s tempting to get your car off the road in narrow streets, it’s a fineable offence to park on a footpath as it is hazard for pedestrians.

  • Qld penalty: $126