Save money by sharing Wi-Fi

A local entrepreneur has discovered a way for people to sell their unused home internet data.

The future is all about sharing. Ride sharing with Uber, home sharing with Airbnb and now, thanks to Brisbane entrepreneur David Poxon, you can share your leftover Wi-Fi with Velvet.

Velvet lets regular people buy and sell data in a simple and safe way via Wi-Fi. Many people will end their month paying for more data than they need or use.

Now they can purchase a ‘Velvet hotshot’ which allows them to sell as much or little of their data as they please, rather than letting it go to waste.

For those wishing to sell Wi-Fi, the hotspot costs $60 upfront with no ongoing costs. Sellers make $3.26 per gigabyte sold.

Velvet aims to attract people who use small amounts of Wi-Fi such as travellers and those who simply don’t like to be tied down by internet plans. These people can access Velvet to purchase small amounts of internet data when they need it.

Velvet works to protect your own home network by sharing data through its own network, so buyers don’t have access to your home Wi-Fi, making it safe and secure to use.

Sellers can also keep an eye on their Velvet network with real-time updates that tell them the data that is being used and the amount of money they have made.

This exciting new start-up was given its wings thanks to the Inaugural QUT Ubercamp in 2016, where Mr Poxon won an award for best pitch, earning him start-up money to fund the initiative and the confidence to believe in his idea.

Mr Poxon is realistic about the fact that this initiative may take some time to build momentum but is also optimistic about the future of his start-up, believing it has the potential to eventually be available on streets all over the world.

Considering Airbnb started with an air mattress on the floor of an apartment, there is nothing to say this can’t go global.