Say goodbye to you winter woes

Easy ways to restore your energy and revitalise this winter.

It’s normal to slow down during winter, but what if you could embrace a summer mentality all year round?

You have two options – hit the snooze button on your alarm clock at 5am and get an extra hour sleep or make a positive change to your everyday routine. Here are five ways to restore your energy and revitalise during the cold months of the year.  

Exercise more

 If you can’t build the motivation to exercise in the morning, find a training buddy. To avoid making excuses, prepack your gym bag the night before and go a bit earlier. You’ll be surprised how quickly it becomes a routine.

Bite size meditation

Taking time to meditate has many positive benefits.  Regular sessions, for even just a few minutes a day, can be highly beneficial to your physical health and wellbeing.  Tune-in to endota spa’s free 20-minute meditations on SoundCloud. Sit back, shut your eyes and let your thoughts and worries go.  

Have a bath

A long, hot bath can naturally elevate your mood, relieve muscle pain, reduce blood pressure, sooth your skin and reduce inflammation in your joints.


Dim the lights in the house and disconnect all technology devices for 30 minutes. Observe the change in how you feel. It’s amazing how disconnecting yourself can lower stress levels and improve your wellbeing.

Do something you love

Bring back those positive vibes by doing something that makes you happy. Doing something you love can help substitute the stresses of the day and give you a sense of calm.

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