Six ways to make your car more organised

It is often said, an organised desk is a sign of an organised mind, so why not apply the same principle to your car? Have you ever noticed your unconscious reaction when you get into someone else’s car and it’s not tidy, or conversely spotless? We all notice another person’s car and quietly make a judgement about its owner. Here are some tips to keep your car clean and your passengers pleased.

  1. Seat organisers

  2. Hung on the back of your passenger and driver’s seat these are the perfect way to store portable items.

  3. DIY coat rack

  4. The tiny coat hook in most cars is not very functional, particularly if you have more than a light shirt to hang. Why not create your own so any freshly pressed suit or dress doesn’t end up in a pile on the floor? Just attach a mesh bungee to grab handles and before you know if you now have the perfect portable coat rack for more than one item.

  5. Travel pouches

  6. Prepare travel pouches using self-seal plastic bags or other small carry packs. Make one for first aid, another with pens, paper, wet wipes and maybe plastic bags for rubbish. Store them for easy access.

  7. Cup holder tissue box

  8. Storing tissues in the car normally means having a half-crushed box that slides around the floor of your car, getting wedged under seats. Instead, rinse a takeaway coffee cup and lid. Cut a hole in the lid or expand the sipping hole. Put some tissues inside, pulling the top one through the hole in the lid for easy access when you need them.

  9. Expandable tab folder in glove box

  10. The glove compartment often becomes a mess of documentation, with a mix of car registrations, manuals, old receipts and more all floating around. Place them in a tabbed folder for easy retrieval on the rare occasion you’ll need to find them.

  11. Caddy for oil and fluids

Having all the necessary car products can take up a large portion of boot space so minimise that by sorting the car essentials into a neat and tidy plastic caddy, like the one you use in the shower.