Talaroo Hot Springs welcomes visitors

Ewamian people sharing their culture at spectacular far north Queensland site.

The Savannah Way’s newest tourist attraction, Talaroo Hot Springs, is open to visitors.

Talaroo Hot Springs combines the culture and hospitality of the Ewamian people with one of far north Queensland’s most unique and globally significant geological wonders.

Ewamian Aboriginal Corporation General Manager Sharon Prior said the Ewamian people were excited to have the opportunity to share their culture and stories with visitors to Talaroo Hot Springs.

Talaroo Hot Springs guide with guests.

“We knew that there was a really, really strong story that needed to be told,” Ms Prior said.

“We’re still learning, as well, all about our culture because our people were removed from our country and we just feel, as Ewamian people, that we want to share that.

“We don’t want to keep that to ourselves. We want everyone to come here and experience how special this place is.”

Archeologist Alice Buhrich, who has worked with the corporation for the past 10 years, said the water in the springs was the result of a process that began 20,000 years ago.

Yarning around a campfire at Talaroo Hot Springs.
“When the freshwater ecologists did their assessment on the hot springs, they found that the water here is 20,000 years old and it’s percolated down from the nearby Newcastle Range,” Ms Buhrich said.

“Over 20,000 years the rainfall has gone through the earth down to a depth of 5km. It’s heated up at that depth and comes through the cracks up to this spring here.

“This is an amazing opportunity for people to come and meet Ewamian people and to hear about the stories of Ewamian people, about Aboriginal culture and learn about the hot springs and enjoy this fantastic Gulf savannah.”

Ewamian Aboriginal Corporation Vice-Chairperson Jenny Lacey invited visitors to experience her people’s culture and the healing powers of the springs.

The Talaroo Hot Springs boardwalk.

“I’d love you all to come out to here to experience our culture, our country and also to come to the Talaroo Hot Springs,” Ms Lacey said.

“Come and bathe and sit down and heal your body because that’s the healing water – it’s to heal your aches and pains and whatever problems you have in your life, they’ll wash away.”

Talaroo’s outback caravan park and campground has 16 powered and 14 unpowered sites around purpose-built amenities and a camp kitchen, and is just 200m from the Einasleigh River and adjacent to the hot springs.

Talaroo Hot Springs attractions

Hot Springs Discovery Tour

This exclusive tour takes visitors to the heart of Talaroo – the ancient hot springs. Expert guides share the secrets of this unique geological wonder, Talaroo’s fascinating history and the connection Ewamian people have had with their country for thousands of years. Tours last 1.5 hours and include the hot springs boardwalk and a soak in the Springs Bathing Pool.

Tours depart regularly throughout the day from 8am-4pm subject to demand, and visitors can check live availability and departure times online. Hot Springs Discovery Tours cost $35 per person with child, family and senior discounts available.

Private soaking pools

Talaroo’s blissful private soaking pools are the ultimate in outback relaxation. Immerse yourself in geothermal waters and experience the traditional healing and tranquility of this ancient land. 

Private soaking pools cost $80 for up to four people. Sessions last 40 minutes for optimum health benefits. Bookings can be made on site or online.

Yarning Circle

Join the Ewamian people around the fire pit at the free Yarning Circle each evening – a chance to learn more about Ewamian people and country and swap travellers’ tales around the dancing flames.

Self-guided activities

Pick up a map at reception and walk to the Einasleigh River. There are hundreds of wildlife species recorded at Talaroo including more than 200 bird species plus wallabies, wallaroos, frogs and turtles to look out for.

Caravan park and campground

Talaroo offers powered and unpowered sites set around a clean and modern camp kitchen, new amenities block, reception, gift shop and small kiosk.

Powered sites cost $40 for two people. Extra adult $15, extra child $8, family $54. Unpowered sites cost $32 for two people. Extra adult $15, extra child $8, family $44


Talaroo Hot Springs is located between Mount Surprise and Georgetown in the heart of Queensland’s Gulf Savannah and is on the Savannah Way – one of Australia’s great road trips linking Cairns to Broome via an epic 3700km journey.

Travel time from Cairns by road is 4.5 hours and all roads are accessible to conventional vehicles, trailers and caravans. The final 10km (12 minutes) from the Gulf Development Road (Savannah Way) to Talaroo is unsealed.