The great escape

The world was waiting outside the front door for Sam the border collie - until he met another dog.

We’ve all had that moment of horror when we realise someone has left the front door open and the dog has decided that this is their moment for freedom.

Usually a furious search ensues with children calling out up and down the street or the dreaded bolt down the road as your tiny dog taunts you, just out of reach.

Unfortunately for dog owner Deb Eccleston, her border collie Sam seized his moment just as a neighbouring dog and owner embarked on their evening walk. Sam, who loves children but isn’t so keen on other dogs, decided that was his time to make a stand against this dog who was so casually encroaching on his turf.

Sam was confident at first but as Deb and kids chased him down the street, it became clear that he was going to be the loser in this battle. The other dog, who was clearly not in the mood to have its walk ruined, latched onto Sam’s muzzle and stubbornly would not let go. 

When the dust settled, Sam had a large chunk of his nose hanging off as he tried to process his defeat. Deb rushed Sam to the vet where he sauntered in with a, “you should see the other dog” attitude. Luckily, the other dog came out of the scuffle with a few minor scratches.

At the time Deb didn’t think about the cost of multiple X-rays, surgery and anaesthetic – just about making sure Sam was ok. In the end she didn’t have to with the visit leaving her out of pocket only a fraction of what the procedures cost due to her pet insurance cover.

Sam spent two weeks with a cone of shame as he nursed his wounds and bruised ego. Deb hopes the border collie has learned his lesson but isn’t hopeful – she’s instead more cautious about Sam and the front door.

Injured border collie with plastic cone

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